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mini digital storage scope

Article-mini digital storage scope

In a recent issue of IEEE Spectrum I saw a reference to an $89, pocket sized single channel digital scope with display called the Nano.   It’s from Seeed Studio (yes, it’s spelled Seeed, with 3 Es in a row).  Seeed sells lots of products for hobbyists and open source types, some of it designed by third parties and sold via Seeed.

I went to look at it, and found that there is already an improved DSO Nano available, plus a four channel version that is in beta testing right now.  The improved Nano is shown in the picture.  Both are housed in a very attractive package that looks like it was re-purposed from an mp3 player.  Specifications are decent for audio or other low frequency work:  1MHz bandwidth, up to 100V/div vertical range with a 10x probe, waveform math including frequency, period, duty cycle, and it has on screen vertical and horizontal cursors.

It also includes a frequency generator, SD card for waveform storage, USB connection for charging and upgrades.  It is open source hardware, meaning that the firmware is freely available for modification.

The quad channel version has two analog channels and two digital channels and moves the sampling rate to 72 MHz.  The price is considerably higher also, at $199.

In a year or two this might be a great stocking stuffer for my oldest son, who has an interest in learning about electronics.  If you’re interested there are longer reviews available by JustBlair for both the single channel Nano and the 4 channel Quad.

Steve Ravet

Design News Gadgeteer

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