Check out this video for tips and exciting projects for the latest Raspberry Pi computer.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

March 13, 2024

Raspberry Pi's newest computer is the 5
Raspberry Pi's latest computer, the 5, lends itself well to many DIY

According to the computer hardware site Howtogeek, the well-known Raspberry Pi computer development boards do not incorporate the “Pi” name due to any references to Pi Day. Rather, when the computer was developed, it was supposed to exclusively run the Python programming language. While the computer is still optimized to run Python, it can also run other languages such as C.

That said, some geeks who look for meaning in Pi Day are also avid DIYers who like to tinker and build things. Raspberry PI has long been a low-cost development board, and last October, the latest Raspberry Pi versions called the 5 came out. There are lots of interesting projects for Raspberry Pi 5, as discussed in this comprehensive video on the YouTube channel of Kevin McAleer, an avid robotics DIYer.

In Kevin’s YouTube video from a few months ago, he talks about various projects that incorporate Raspberry 5, in areas such as home automation, robotics, weather monitoring, gaming, and network area storage (as an alternative to the cloud). He also provides tips on programming and user communities that can provide feedback and support. All in all, plenty of useful information for Raspberry 5 users.

View the video here to learn more.

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