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How to Build Your First Christmas Light Controller

This video from a non-techie turned holiday lighting expert gives detailed instructions on how to build a controller to handle all these blinking lights.

Spencer Chin

December 20, 2023

Building a light controller to handle a bunch of holiday lights does not have to intimidating if you follow this step-by-step video by David Henry, who has authored several videos on learning Christmas lighting.Doug Meek/ Corbis Documentary/Via Getty Images

At a Glance

  • YouTube video gives detailed instructions on how to build a holiday light controller.

With more people wanting to build more elaborate holiday lighting displays in their homes, one wonders how to sequence and regulate all those dazzling lights. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be a graduate electrical engineer or Arduino DIY expert to become proficient at this.


In this YouTube video on the channel Learn Christmas Lighting, David Henry, a former stage lighting professional turned holiday lighting expert teachers novices how to build a Christmas lighting controller, using readily available kits and common parts and tools. He guides users through each step and addresses concerns that may arise, including providing additional sources of instructions should they be required. The instructor succeeds in getting the controller up and running.

Before you proceed, view the video here.

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