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Technology Sparkles In Today’s Holiday Decorations

It’s far more than just lights and garland. Technology is enabling the creation of stunning holiday decorations with both visual and audible elements.

Spencer Chin

December 19, 2023

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LEDs have largely replaced incandescents in holiday lighting.K Neville/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

For many, holiday decorations used to revolve mostly around stringing lights on the tree and some exterior portions of a home or business and hanging a wreath. The more elaborate displays were left to experts. But today, even novices have a much wider arsenal of decorations that can transform an ordinary residence or business into a dazzling holiday wonderland.

Innovations in electronics, such as the use of LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs, and projectors that can project stunning images, are just two examples of the options now available. Design News has compiled a sampling of technologies that are changing the sights and sounds of holiday decorations.  In addition, intelligent software and hardware are allowing precise pinpoint control of LED lighting to achieve creative on-off, blinking, and other creative control sequences.

LED Lighting

One of the biggest trends in holiday lights is the replacement of old incandescent holiday bulbs with bulbs that LED (light-emitting-diode) technology. The LED bulbs achieve higher levels of brightness, consume less power, and last longer than their incandescent predecessors.


Projector Displays

Projectors become more than business tools when they are now used to create dynamic holiday displays by projecting animated scenes or light patterns onto the exterior of homes or other surfaces. These can create dazzling light patterns that supplement or in some cases even replace strung-up lights.

Holgraphic Decorations

A projector display variation uses a DVD player or computer plus a projector to project a holographic image, such as Santa Claus, in a window, against a wall, or on the roof. An alternative to the inflatable Santas that decorate many lawns.

3D Printing

3D printing enables the creation of Christmas items, such as holiday ornaments, intricate designs that may not be achievable with traditional manufacturing methods.


While traditional holiday cards remain a staple, animated e-cards have emerged over the past decade, giving senders the ability to customize the card with personalized messages, music, and interactive elements.


Drones can be programmed to create synchronized light shows in the sky, adding a modern and high-tech element to holiday celebrations.

Wearable Tech

LEDs and other high-tech decorations are giving give a burst of color to clothes like sweaters. They are giving now meaning to the term “ugly sweaters” and can make for fascinating DIY projects.

Smart Home Integration

The use of smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa, is giving users an intelligent, versatile option to control holiday lights and other decorations.

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Spencer Chin

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