4 Experts Let The Cat Out Of The Box On Quantum Computing And Electronic Design

Today’s engineers can design for tomorrow’s quantum computers if they change their state of mind from bits to qubits.

Quantum computers have the potential to outperform classical computers on certain problems. What is the impact of that potential on chip and system design? What concepts must be expanded beyond just bits? Four experts looked inside the quantum box to answer these questions and more during a panel session at DesignCon2020. What follows are some of their most intriguing quotes.


John Blyler is a Design News senior editor, covering the electronics and advanced manufacturing spaces. With a BS in Engineering Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering, he has years of hardware-software-network systems experience as an editor and engineer within the advanced manufacturing, IoT and semiconductor industries. John has co-authored books related to system engineering and electronics for IEEE, Wiley, and Elsevier.

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