Siemens Blends Supplyframe and Xcelerator

Siemens kicked off Realize 2023 by announcing two of its software tools are integrating into a digital thread.

Rob Spiegel

June 13, 2023

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Siemens Realize 2023
Siemens Digital Industries Software

In an ongoing move to blend its industrial software products into an extended solution, Siemens Digital Industries Software is integrating its Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence platform with its Xcelerator portfolio to create real-time supply chain intelligence.

“We’re helping to transform the companies we work with, and we’re also transforming ourselves,” Tony Hemmelgarn, president and CEO of Siemens Digital Industries Software, said during the opening session of Realize.

As part of the company’s further blend of software products, more of the company’s software is becoming available in the cloud. “The cloud and software-as-a-service are becoming more important,” said Hemmelgarn. “In 2020 cloud-based services were 4% of our business. Now they’re 40%.”

Integrating Supplyframe with Xcelerator

The fully integrated version of Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence with Siemens' Xpedition, is available now. The combined solution is designed to facilitate supply chain resilience by offering real-time visibility into global component availability, demand, cost, compliance, and associated parametric data at the point of product design.

Siemens' new, integrated offering delivers a range of functionalities for engineering organizations developing next-generation PCB designs, including:

  • Push-button access to detailed component intelligence on over 600 million manufacturer part numbers, which can empower engineers to make more informed part decisions and tradeoffs when the cost of change is lowest.

  • Elimination of manual data entry and library maintenance tasks.

  • Detailed part comparison views, "what-if" part selection analysis, and digitally managed workflows.

  • Seamless, real-time part-level audits for streamlined risk assessments during design capture.

The announcement of the connection between Supplyfram and Xceerator was part of a larger narrative of integrating digital twin technology with other Siemens software to create a digital thread. Another theme of Realize was the move to the cloud, letting customers access Siemens’ software on an as-needed basis. Yet another theme was the “democratization” of design and manufacturing software – thus making it more and more available to smaller customers. “When the small and mid-size companies use our software, it’s the same software that the largest companies use,” said Hemmelgarn.

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