ChatGPT Squares Off Against Google’s Bard

How does ChatGPT compare to other generative AI programs? This video pits Open AI’s popular tool against Google’s recently introduced AI bot.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

July 17, 2023

While ChatGPT has caught most of the attention in the generative AI world, there are a number of competitors. One of them is Google’s Bard, which came out in March of this year, around the time ChatGPT was drawing lots of attention. Potential users signed up to be on a waitlist to use Google’s conversational AI tool, and when Bard was ready, Google gave the waitlisted users access to the tool

In this video, Walter P Henry, who does crypto tutorials, explores both AI bots and highlights what makes each one unique.  Henry likes both tools for their simple interface that makes them easy to learn. However, there are differences. For one, there is a premium version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, that costs $20 monthly, with the higher cost providing benefits such as updated search engine access and priority access during peak demand periods. By contrast, Google’s Bard has a single pricing tier─free─to all users, and it leverages Google to provide up-to-date search engine access.


Henry also asked both programs to provide information for a blog post. Here, ChatGPT provided a more natural, conversational response than Bard, although both tools’ responses would require additional user refinement.

Which program is the winner? View the video to find out!


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