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HCL Adds Real-Time Analysis to Its Design-for-Manufacturing Software

HLC Technologies, DFMPro, design for manufacturing
HCL Technologies DFMPro has boosted its software’s ability to instantly identify manufacturability problems in CAD.

HCL Technologies has released version 5.0 of its design-for-manufacturability solution, DFMPro. The new version supports the latest Creo Parametric version 4.0 and offers enhanced functionality for real-time analysis of product design. The enhancement was developed to provide quick and instant feedback on the manufacturability of CAD designs.

DFMPro 5.0 is designed to quickly identify issues with manufacturability. This video shows the process. Visuals courtesy of HCL Technologies.

DFMPro 5.0 is equipped to identify potential production problems based on typical tools and processes used by manufacturers. When specific tools are outside one that are typically used, the software can be adjusted. “DFMPro includes information about common tools used for certain processes and it provides organizations an ability to configure the software as per any specific tools used by their suppliers or in their manufacturing facilities,” GH Rao, president of Engineering and R&D Services at HCL Technologies, told Design News. “Many of the best practices available in DFMPro are independent of specific manufacturing equipment and contribute to creation of a ‘good’ design, reducing dependency on specific manufacturing resources.”

Quick Feedback on Potential Production Issues

DFMPro 5.0 was updated to offer real-time feedback on designs, with the goal of quicker collaboration for rework and improved productivity. It was also designed to support complete model analysis via the standard DFMPro workflow. “DFMPro verifies the input models as per the recommended best practices and if there are areas of the design which deviate from these then the software warns the user about the actual parameters observed on the CAD model versus the recommended values as per the organizational settings,” said Rao.

With the update, HCL wanted to shorten product development time, minimize development cost, and ensure a smooth transition into production for quick time-to-market. DFMPro is powered by HCL’s DFX framework, providing a knowledge environment to help users achieve successful design processes and thus improve productivity by eliminating rework. 5.0 complements and leverages the design functionalities of PTC Creo Parametric.

Targeting Product Design for Specific Industries

While the enhancements in DFMPro 5.0 were created to assist design engineers in the core industries of HCL’s customer base, the functionality is used in other industries as well. “In this new version of DFMPro, the major enhancements will primarily benefit our customers and prospects in the high-tech, healthcare, consumer goods, and communications industries,” said Rao. “However, we believe the real-time analysis functionality will help designers irrespective of the kind of industry they work in. DFMPro, which is available on various CAD platforms, is also used by customers in aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor industries.”

The advancements in DEMPro 5.0 were determined from a mix of customer requests and functions that customers would logically need with having asked. “When defining the product roadmap and release plans, we seek input from various sources including customers and industry experts, and we also look at market trends,” said Rao. “This specific version was driven by customer inputs and certain features which we anticipate will help our customers and prospects.”

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