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Product News

Product News

Weld nuts

Self-locating projection weld nuts are designed to provide load-bearing threads in metal sheets which are too thin to tap. The products feature self-locating shanks for proper positioning without the need for pilots and electrodes, and also are said to protect threads from weld splatter. They also include projections to prevent burn-outs in thin sheets.

Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp., 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916; FAX (215) 766-0143;

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Manual lubrication

A new line of 12 manual lubrication products is said to save manufacturers time and money when performing assembly and maintenance, and to increase machine life. The line includes manual barrel pumps, grease guns, bearing packers, and grease fitting tools.

Lincoln Industrial, 18 N. Central Dr., O'Fallon, MO 63366;

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Miniature fastener

BLUE(R) Nylon self locking patch fasteners are said to prevent loosening of fasteners due to vibration, even if they're only engaged by a few threads. The product is permanently bonded to the threads of the fastener, and is said to create a counterforce when the fastener is inserted and pressure applied, and is also said to be adjustable, removable, and reusable.

Nylok Fastener Corp., 15260 Hallmark Dr., Macomb, MI 48042; FAX (516) 678-5783;

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Part handling

This company's Handling and Assembly Technology (HAT) is said to offer builders a modular solution to the design and construction of assembly equipment. The pick-and-place system (Y-Z configuration) is standardized around two pneumatic actuator designs which are designed to meet small, medium, and large load applications.

Festo, Box 18023, 395 Moreland Rd, Hauppauge, NY 11788; FAX (800) 963-3786;

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Sanitary mixer

Greerco(R) sanitary pipeline mixers are said to provide flexible, cost effective, in-line processing while also allowing fast and easy cleaning. The mixers feature a patented skewed turbine/stator unit which is designed to operate at tight tolerances for continuous high-speed, high-shear processing in applications such as homogenization, mixing, dispersion, and emulsion.

Chemineer, 125 Flagship Dr., North Andover, MA 01845; FAX (978) 687-8500;

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HSB-4 high-speed feeders have a quick-stop feature which is said to reduce product waste when handling light, bulky materials. The product features an elastomeric spring which provides accurate handling of materials for economy and efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching, packaging, and bagging operations, and reportedly feeds up to 70 cubic feet of product per hour.

Eriez Magnetics, Box 10608, Erie, PA 16514; FAX (814) 833-3348; www.

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