Webinar: Linear Motion Pits Magnetoresistive vs. Glass Scale Measurement

Schneeberger’s Dieter Haug presents an overview of novel, integrated alternatives to glass scale measurement systems with technical, cost, and application benefits.

Bob Sperber, Editor, Branded Content

June 28, 2021

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Original equipment manufacturers serving the machine tool, solar, semiconductor, medical, and other industries many alternatives for building linear motion measurement components into computerized numerical control (CNC). Among those alternatives, Schneeberger, provider of linear bearings and measuring systems, has developed a novel approach it calls the advanced measuring system (AMS).

Part of what makes the AMS approach novel is its integration of the measuring head and scale together, and the use of a single linear guide or “monorail,” no matter the length.

Dieter Haug, product manager and head of service for Schneeberger, provides an overview of this solution in a new webinar, How to Kickstart Linear Motion Innovation and Benefits in Five Critical Areas. Those areas are:

1) Competitive cost comparisons vs. glass scale measurement, performed by German engineering firm Roschiwal + Partner;

2) Space savings of integrating guidance and measurement on a single rail;

3) Ease of use across CNC makes with no special tooling or calibrations;

4) Reliability with consistent, accurate performance over time; and

5) Low maintenance through features that include a single IP 68-rated reader/scan head for all sizes and a corrosion-resistant measuring scale.

The webinar is free and includes a technical discussion, detailed cost comparison, and application overview.

Tech & Cost Comparisons

Haug covers the hows and whys of this approach, highlights key attributes, and also covers application options. These include absolute distance measuring or incremental using analog or digital measurement for roller and ball guideways; and longer-distance measurement for roller guideways. Along the way, he dispels what he says are common misconceptions about the magnetoresistive technology AMS uses vs competing glass scale-based solutions – particularly regarding resolution and maintenance assumptions.

Moving from technical details to cost comparisons vs. glass scale measurement, Haug shows cost analyses based on 3-axis CNC machining for one-off designs and multi-machine projects, including ongoing operations and service as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO).

To illustrate applications, Haug reviews application examples in the machine tool industry (milling), medical technology, printing, laser machining, and watchmaking.

In addition to the presentation, the webinar interface includes free downloads including presentation slides and technical briefs.

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