Display Week a Treat for Visual Senses

Whether physical or virtual reality, display technology to dazzle in San Jose.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

May 10, 2024

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Display Week takes place May 12 through 18.
Display Week, taking place at the San Jose Convention Center, features exhibits and a comprehensive conference program on display technology.Society for Information Display

At a Glance

  • Displays of all types will be shown at Display Week 2024 in San Jose, May 12 through 17
  • The conference program covers leading-edge technologies such as micro LEDs and XR (Extended Reality) products.

The industry’s largest exhibition and conference for display technology, Display Week, will once again show the latest and greatest in displays at the San Jose Convention Center from May 12th through 17th, with exhibits May 14th through 17th.  Displays for TVs, PCs, and mobile devices will as usual be in abundance, but they are being joined by a growing number of displays for augmented reality and virtual reality as the metaverse gains in importance.

Here is a sampling of interesting technical/business sessions at this year’s Display Week.

AI and displays: Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence is impacting the development of all types of electronics, including displays. In a keynote presentation on May 14 titled, “New Realities: Opportunities and Challenges for Display in AR and MR,” Jason Hartlove, Vice President of Display and Optics at Meta, will examine how AI and the miniaturization of displays, sensors, and optical systems is changing how humans react in the digital realm.

Future display technologies: Following the Meta presentation May 14, Jun Zhao, CEO of TCL CSOT, will discuss in a presentation titled, “Beyond Pixels, Innovative Displays Leading the Future,” how the company’s OLED/QLED display technology shifts the focus from achieving target specs and indicators to a more human-centric approach that reportedly balanced visual performance with sustainable development and visual health.

Manufacturing micro LEDs:  in recent years, there has been increasing attention on micro LEDs, which promise advantages such as higher efficiency and brightness, longer lifetime, and a richer color gamut. A panel discussion on micro LED manufacturing will focus on the most recent advances in this sector and the remaining barriers to high-volume, low-cost manufacturing.

Update on the display business: On May 13, the annual SID/DSCC Business Conference examines current market and supply-chain issues in the display market. Several keynotes will address unit and revenue forecasts for the display industry, challenges in MicroLED and MicroOLED technology, OLED trends in large-area displays, industry catalysts and headwinds, and more.  According to one keynote speaker,  DSCC CEO Ross Young, the display industry is poised to grow as AI boosts display unit demand in smartphones and PCs and immersive displays grow due to AR/VR growth.

The role of XR in displays: the future role of Extended Reality (XR), which encompasses variants such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) will take center stage in a panel discussion May 16th titled, “The Future of XR Visualization.Several panelists will provide their insights into the future of XR and how their products are poised to enhance future XR experiences and accelerate the growth of their targeted applications markets.

A second panel discussion titled, “Components for Near-Term and Future XR Products,” will delve into technologies that can enhance or enable existing and future XR applications, including what barriers need to be overcome to accelerate the growth of targeted XR markets.

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