Create a Home Planetarium With a Paint Bucket

This YouTube video shows how to create a portable planetarium at home with a projector and everyday parts.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

May 15, 2024

Check out this DIY home planetarium.
DIYer Stan Curtain shows how to create your own planetarium at home.Stan Curtin

At a Glance

  • YouTube DIYer Stan Curtin has a creative, low-cost way to recreate the planetarium experience in your own home.

Many of us have been to a planetarium at least once in our lives, where we can learn more about stars, planets, and other astronomical wonders. And more recently, we may have viewed a dazzling laser light show in one of these venues.

But did you know you can recreate a smaller-scale planetarium in your own home? In this YouTube video on the channel of Stan Curtin,  the DIYer discusses how one can build a homemade planetarium that uses a Sega projector,  and everyday parts including a paint bucket, PVC tubing, and an extension cord. The Sega projector Curtin discusses can display hundreds of thousands of stars, but Curtin warns the room must be very dark. Curtin also suggests ideas for a low-cost laser projector.

Curtain said using a paint bucket provides a suitable cavity for a Bluetooth speaker to project sound in a more realistic Planetarium-like experience, and makes the planetarium easily portable. The remote controls for the projectors can simply be held together with Velcro and plastic for a no-fuss control panel.

You can view the video here.

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