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IN BRIEF: Motion Control

Article-IN BRIEF: Motion Control

IN BRIEF: Motion Control

NEXTDRIVETM is a series of adjustable frequency SC4000 AC drives from Warner Electric Motors and Controls Division. The drives are available in NEMA 4/12 dust-tight, oil-tight, and water-resistant enclosures. They feature intelligent drive modules that integrate power components and the microprocessors that control them.

New gearmotors from Pittman include the LO-COG(R) brush-commutated dc gearmotors that use spur gearheads and deliver up to 500 oz-in of torque at the output shafts. The ELCOM and ELCOM II are brushless dc gearmotors that have slotless construction for reducing inductance.

The Euro 205 motor controller from Trio Motion Technology is a one-to-four axis servo/stepper motor controller measuring 6.7 2 5.1 21 inch. The CE-compliant controller accepts a fifth axis on an expansion connector that takes the company's standard axis communication boards.

A new right-angle worm gear speed reducer from Euclid Universal is available with gear ratios from 2-3/4:1 through 60:1 and customized output shafts up to 7/8-inch diameter. Housings are die-cast aluminum. Worms are heat-treated, precision ground, and matched with forged bronze gears. Units are sealed with synthetic or non-synthetic oil or grease. The gear reducers accommodate hp ratings from 1/3 through 23/4, depending upon the gear ratios.

HOLO-ROLTM bearings from Kaydon Corp. are pre-loaded for maintaining constant contact with the rings. The hollow roller bearings reduce centrifugal forces at high speeds. Roller contact deflection against the rings is taken up before a load is applied to the bearings.

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