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A right-angle gearhead with a hollow shaft, the V-Drive(R), has 6 output versions and a large hollow shaft for servo applications. The slim design and different output versions allow for a variety of design possibilities. Other benefits include service life of 20,000 hours, universal motor mounting, efficiency up to 95%, and low backlash.

alpha getriebebau GmbH
Circle 576


ARclad(R) 8411 and ARclad 8901 are splicing tapes designed for high tack and improved adhesion to multiple substrates. ARclad 8411 is a quick-stick adhesive that is useful for automatic and O-speed splicing for such applications as polyester, thin embossed films, and cloth. ARclad 8901 can withstand challenging processes such as embossing, roll coating, and rotary screen-press printing.

Adhesives Research Inc.
Enter 577


Rapid Link is an AS-I capable switchgear and installation system that takes the switching and protective technology directly to the motor, reducing panel space and cabling requirements. Quick and error-free installation are said to be the key points of the system. Rapid link components can be exchanged without interruption to the operation.

Moeller Communication GmbH
Enter 578


Separate key issuing and management are no longer required with the introduction of a new actuator. The answer reportedly is a dial integrated into a quarter-turn pawl or swing handle. This lock is suitable for hinged-door latching systems, when combined with round- or flat-linkage rods, and fits standard opening for swing handles.

Enter 579


EasyControl programming software for IPC FEC(R) minicontrollers reduces the time involved in configuration of handling systems. Up to eight axles and 50 steps can be programmed by teach-in and installed quickly, requiring only 6 steps. The software also keeps watch on cycle times, delivering important on-line to optimization potential.

Festo Corp. AG
Enter 580


4WREE6/10 and 4WRSE6/10 valves with integrated Axis-Controller valve units come with one or two solenoids and up to four integrated pressure sensors. Incorporated in the valve is a digital controller with open- and closed-loop control algorithms for pressure and flow regulation, due to a reduced cabling requirement.

Bosch Rexroth AG
Enter 581


Controlled resistivity ceramics are suited for mechanical, chemical, or vacuum applications that require controlled electrical conduction or static-charge dissipation. They feature metallized, brazed, or bonded assemblies, and are packaged in a cleanroom. To suit specific needs, ceramics are manufactured in a range of insulating and controlled resistivities.

Morgan Advanced Ceramics
Enter 582


ADMAG AE electromagnetic flowmeters are now available with Foundation Fieldbus (FF) registration. They feature a patented dual-frequency excitation for both noise immunity and zero stability, suitable for applications such as batching, filling, and the measurement of pulps and slurries. The flowmeters have a mechanically retained liner and robotically welded body, with PFA Teflon or ceramic liners in sizes from 2.5 to 300 mm.

Yokogawa UK Ltd.
Enter 583


VersaMax(R) Easy Program Store devices enable users to perform program and configuration field upgrades to their modular CPUs without a computer. The devices are said to make it simpler to upgrade by sending the Easy Programmer to the end users and, by pressing the activation button, the program and configuration are updated. The device is flash-based and can be overwritten many times.

GE Fanuc Automation Europe SA
Enter 584


Acrylic sealing tapes are said to provide benefits over traditional rubber sealing tapes and cartridge sealant. For use in conjunction with mechanical fastenings, they are made from non-curing acrylics, retaining the same properties and consistency after aging in severe weather conditions. Tapes have a temperature performance from -20 to 100C, are UV and humidity resistant, and have no curing time. They are available in 0.4-, 1.0-, and 2.0-mm thicknesses.

3M United Kingdom PLC
Enter 585

Ejector lever

Ejector levers can be utilized as a replacement for jacking screws and panel fasteners, since the built-in lever-assisted mechanism ejects and injects modules with connector pins. Its reported 5 to 1 mechanical advantage provides the force needed to engage and disengage even high-density connectors. The 10-mm linear pawl travel accommodates most standard pin connectors and is said to be suitable for any type of module or panel requiring strong retention and quick release.

Southco Europe Ltd.
Enter 586


A new soft starter solution is offered for the medium-voltage range: the Simostart MV is said to permit gentle startup and coasting of three-phase asynchronous motors. It also reportedly has a positive effect on the supply voltage since this is no longer subject to current peaks. The motor can be incorporated into host process control systems by means of its interface-Profibus or Modbus-and is maintenance free.

Siemens AG
Enter 587

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