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Product News

Product News

The Panel PC (PPC)-123T from Advantech Technologies (Irvine, CA) is loaded with a 500MHz Celeron(TM)processor, a flat display, built-in speakers, a CD-ROM or DVD drive, and the Windows(R)OS. It is designed for applications demanding high processing power in small spaces, such as medical imaging, public information kiosks, industrial control systems, and arcade games. It also features up to 256MB of SDRAM, a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, and a hard drive up to 10GB.

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Enabling graphics studios to rapidly produce sophisticated animation effects, the Oxygen(TM)GVX1 from 3Dlabs (Sunnyvale, CA) is a workstation graphics accelerator card. It's been used in applications from the "Mission: Impossible 2" movie title sequence to a TV ad for Outback Steak House, both done by Tigar Hare Studios (Portland, OR).

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The Zx10 ViZual Engine (VE) from Intergraph Computer Systems (Huntsville, AL) uses Intel's new Pentium(R)III 933 MHz processor with a 133 MHz frontside bus (FSB) to achieve high performance 2D and 3D graphics. The Zx10 VE uses a 400W power supply to run the latest graphics accelerators, for applications in the broadcast and entertainment, digital media, content creation, publishing and prepress, MCAD, and visual simulation markets.

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Canvas(TM)7 Standard Edition (SE) is a cost-sensitive graphics software package from Deneba Software (Miami, FL) for non-graphics professionals creating drawings, newsletters, fliers, and graphics to be laser printed or placed on the web. It is priced at $85, since it omits high-end features such as color separations, spot color support, color calibration, technical file formats, technical illustration tools, and advanced typographic controls.

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