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New Ethernet Fieldbus Controller Platform

New Ethernet Fieldbus Controller Platform

A new Ethernet fieldbus controller, the first offering using WAGO Corp.'s second generation Ethernet platform, can process 1,000 instructions in just 235 muS. It also offers upgraded memory capacity for PLC programs and web applications, along with an integrated dual-port Ethernet switch.

"We are both upgrading the processor and offering enhanced features in our new Ethernet products," says Charlie Norz, I/O System Product Manager for WAGO. "Ethernet 2.0 is compatible with our existing platform and still uses a rackless design, which means the I/O modules fit together on a DIN rail and the user can easily add or subtract modules as needed."

"We have upgraded our processor, so that it is 100 percent faster than our existing products, and a new file system on the controller enables the user to log more data or store web pages," says Norz. "The new controller doubles the amount of available memory, offering 1 Mbyte of program memory and a 2 Mbyte file system."

The keys to the 750-881's fast processing capabilities are a new 32-bit CPU and the upgrade in program memory. The Fast File System supervises both a web-based management system and substantial data logging, and e-mail capability (updates/alarms) is also provided for authorized personnel. The 750-881's standard CoDeSys V2 programming environment is IEC 61131 compatible and features all five programming languages. The PFC supports up to 250 I/O modules, and allows users to tailor solutions from among 400+ analog, digital and specialty modules.

New Ethernet Fieldbus Controller Platform

The device's built-in Ethernet switch with two ports provides the ability to daisy-chain communications and eliminate the need for an external switch. It interfaces with standard network protocols and provides unique support for both EtherNet/IP and MODBUS TCP. The user can use either of these protocols independently, or both simultaneously.

The built-in switch streamlines costs and system footprint by facilitating a line topology for fieldbus wiring, eliminating additional switches and hubs. An onboard DIP switch configures the last octet of IP address/assignment, expediting commissioning.

The fieldbus controller configures automatically, creating a local process image which can include analog, digital or specialty modules. Analog and specialty module data is sent via words and/or bytes; digital data is sent bit by bit.

The two Ethernet interfaces and the integrated switch allow the fieldbus to be wired in a line topology. This eliminates additional network devices such as switches or hubs. Both interfaces support Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDI(X).

The DIP switch configures the last byte of the IP address and may be used for IP address assignment (DHCP, BootP and static). And while the controller is designed for fieldbus communication in both Ethernet/IP and MODBUS networks, it also supports a wide variety of standard ETHERNET protocols (such as HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, SNMP and FTP). The integrated web server provides configuration and status information from the controller.

A new housing design departs from WAGO's traditional architecture. The slotted housing optimizes heat dissipation while maintaining a 0 - +55C operating temperature range and IP20 rating. Certifications include UL 508, cUL, GL and CE.

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