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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Three bore sizes avaliable

Designed to prevent monetary losses due to contamination in the production process, this rodless cylinder offers the only IPA-certified design for cleanroom specification avaliable on today's market, according to the company. The company also provides three different bore sizes: 16, 25, and 32 mm. Hoerbiger-Origa


No circuitry or wiring changes

The company's "FlexSAM" system provides up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs without the wiring of remote operating valve manifolds. The modules utilize DIP switches for node addressing and baud rate setting, eliminating the need for software and reportedly reducing trouble-shooting time. Due to featured NEMA 4 protection, the modules can be mounted directly on a machine with no need for an enclosure. The company offers Input and Output Module Kits, and Connector Module Kits for single and dual Sub-D 25-pin, circular 19-pin, or M23 connectors. Parker Hannifin


Meets rigid sanitary requirements

Designed to 3-A Sanitary Standards for Clean-In-Place and Sterilize-In-Place environments, the Hedland FlowClean turbine flow meter meets the requirements for monitoring flow in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. This flow meter reportedly features a turndown ratio of 10:1, an accuracy reading of plus or minus 1 percent, and repeatability of plus or minus 1 percent. The meter is available with sanitary clamp-end connections in sizes from 19 to 63 mm, with an operating pressure of 1,000 psi, and temperature ratings from -100 to 300F. Hedland


Versatile for harsh environments

Created as a general utility pump, this product can handle clean, clear liquids as well as viscous, harsh, and corrosive fluids. Suitable for water sampling, as well as pumping adhesives, paints and coatings, chemical slurries, ink, and oil scum, the pump's versatility enables customization for any specific plant. The progressing cavity pumps have a lightweight design, feature self-priming, and are said to require little maintenance. They accommodate flow rates to 50 gpm, pressures to 600 psi, and fluid temperatures to 240F. Moyno Inc.


Stainless steel

Created with full port construction for applications in water, oil, and gas transmission and handling, these valves feature stainless steel balls for precise operation, Teflon seats and seals, and a locking safety handle. The valves undergo air pressure testing under water, and are rated up to 1,000 psi. The 316 SS models are available in sizes ranging from 0.375 to 3 inches. Bee Valve Inc.


Simplifies installations

This product standardizes machine design around one I/O system. The modular FD67 distributes the I/O layer into the center of the machines, near the sensors and actuators. Connecting systems with one hybrid cable for supply and communication results in shorter I/O lines, reportedly reducing the time and cost of machine and systems electrical installations. The FD67 also features a debugging facility with single-channel diagnosis and shut down, as well as resiliency to shock and vibrations. Imi Norgren


Replace multiple valve installations

The double block-and-bleed valves' design reportedly allows for an easy transition from process to instrumental systems in one compact valve assembly. Each piece contains a primary isolation valve with a variety of secondary block-and-bleed valves. The benefits over traditional systems may include fewer leak points and reduced mass. They are available in sizes ranging from 0.50 to 2 inches, and rated to temperatures from -50 to +400F, with pressure ratings in the 150- to 2,500- lb class. Swagelok


Fit shrinking enclosures

Designed to fit electronic enclosures with limited space, the Mini Air Filter line consists of air filters measuring 25 square inches or smaller. The company offers two frame options: Flex-Frame Mini Air Filters that can bend to fit small enclosures, or the Edge-to-Edge design that promotes the flow of clean, cooling air along interior frame walls. The filters are said to meet flammability resistance requirements and can be configured with EMI shielding capabilities. Universal Air Filter Co.


Quick Assembly

Designed to reduce cost and installation time, the Q2 quick-connect, plastic body valve can be quickly assembled into a motion or fluid control circuit. The durable and lightweight design reportedly results in minimal pressure drops. The company offers individual models with pressure ratings from 5 to 120 psi, with operating temperatures of -10 to +100F. IMI Norgren


Easy modification

For use in modern production tooling, industrial applications, and automated processes, miniature air cylinders come in a range of sizes and configurations. Reportedly, the cylinders ease modification to special user requirements. All miniature cylinders run on plant air using standard valve circuits, and are available in metric versions, meeting U.S. Customary specifications. Mack Corp.


Low pressure, high temperature

Suited for low pressure, high heat, and highly abrasive applications without the need for immediate and bubble-tight shutoff, these butterfly valves compact the line media to form a seal, reportedly removing the need for a resilient seat. The valves are designed to be placed between ASME/ANSI 125- or 150- lb flanges, and maintain an average gap of 0.01inch between the disk/stem and bore. The company offers the Fly Ash Series in 4- to 12- inch sizes. Ultraflo Corp.


Fast response

Featuring stainless steel barrels and piston rods, oil-permeated, ball-sized rod bushings, and roll-formed threads, the air cylinders come in a variety of mounting styles, with bore sizes ranging from 0.50 to 2.50 inches. By ensuring constant contact with the cylinder barrel, the patented design of the V-seal claims to prevent seal collapse and blow-by. Humphrey Products

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