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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Cartridge inserts

Interchangeable nozzles, diffusers

A series of single-stage vacuum cartridges is designed to eliminate pumps in OEM equipment. Cartridges fit in machine cavities, reducing weight and saving space in the end product. Units are made up of a variety of interchangeable nozzles and diffusers. Applications include miniaturizing pick-and-place applications, blood or gas analysis machines, and vessel evacuation in process control. Vaccon Co., Enter 636

Solenoid valves

Easily installed and modified

Rated IP65 and CE compliant, the SV Series of solenoid valves are designed for electronic and machinery applications. Features include modular design that allows snapping units together; plug-and-play configuration for electric/pneumatic connections; life of 50 million cycles; and tie-rod or cassette mounting. Applications include semiconductor, food processing, automotive, and metalworking industries. SMC Corp. of America; Enter 637

Pressure gauges

Several materials available

General purpose and industrial pressure gauges are available with plastic, steel, or stainless steel housings in dry or liquid-filled designs. With a reportedly long life, gauges have a variety of panel-mount options including ABS-threaded ring systems, and are offered in diameters from 1 to 2.5 inches. Applications include compressors, FRLs, vacuum pumps, and regulators for pneumatic and hydraulic systems. F+R Gauges, Enter 638

Magnetic drive pumps

For severe conditions

MX Series magnetic drive pumps reportedly include a true volute casing that increases hydraulic efficiency and reduces power requirements in severe operating conditions. Units are sealless and corrosion-resistant. Bearing flush circuits reduce internal heat and reinforced stress bearings improve pressure resistance. Pumps are available with flows to 150 gpm and heads to 150 ft. Walchem Corp., Enter 639

Valve manifolds

Reduces node consumption

Valve manifold integration is reportedly easier using the CPVIP65 manifold extension module, designed to mix with a variety of network couplers and I/Os. The design reduces node consumption, cabling, and used space. Powerful but small, modules fit the company's IP67 Fieldbus box I/O system. Applications include robotic welding cells and material handling automated assembly systems. Beckhoff Automation LLC, Enter 640

Ultra-Miniature Vacuum Pump

Drip control in dispensing applications

Designed to operate over a wide range of supply pressures, the new ultra-miniature, air-powered venturi vacuum pump provides constant vacuum flow rather than a fluctuating flow typically associated with diaphragm pumps. Weighing less than 1 oz, it operates at input pressures as low as 10 psi and generates vacuum levels from 5 inches Hg with a maximum 0.45 SCFM. Vaccon Co., Enter 641

Chemical pump

OEM, replacement applications

Miniature chemical and biological fluid pumps offer wetted components in gear, peristaltic, piston, centrifugal, and vane pumps to ensure compatibility with many fluids. Components are available in plastics, stainless steel, ceramics, titanium, Hastalloy(R), and other alloys. Applications include petroleum, semiconductor, chemical, biotechnology, and food. Micropump Inc., Enter 642

Heat exchangers

Enlarged entrance ports

Stainless steel, shell-and-tube heat exchangers cool corrosive fluids and handle higher levels of particulates effectively, the company claims. Available in 1-, 2-, or 4-pass models, with heat transfer surfaces of 1.2 to 576 ft2, units are mechanically simple. All fluid contact parts are stainless steel, assembled from stock, and are available with ASME code construction. Plate-and-frame exchangers are also available in several configurations. ITT Standard, Enter 643

Filter Element

High flow rates, long life, low costs

The new HAYFLOW(TM) filter element delivers high flow rates in compact vessels or an extended lifetime and lengthened changing cycles in standard-sized vessels. The HAYFLOW(TM) filter element utilizes two concentric cylinders and layers that are formed using a unique fabric welding technology to create a no-by-pass seam. Since HAYFLOW element retains only 25% of the residual liquid volume than with a normal-sized filter bag, it is physically easier to change, and disposal costs are reduced since less saleable product has to be discarded. Hayward Industrial Products Enter 644

Rubber seal compound

With and without tape

A custom formulated, EPDM sponge-rubber compound is available for rubber seals. Shipped with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, seals are reportedly ideal for windows, boat hatches, tool boxes, RVs, and other aquatic environments. Seals are available in specially designed shapes. Trim-lok Inc., Enter 645

Gas regulators

Excellent droop/accuracy

High-capacity gas regulators are available with carbon, steel, or stainless steel bodies. The Mark 608 and Mark 508 valves are available in 1.50 and 2 inches. The units reportedly have high capacity and excellent droop/accuracy characteristics. All have NPT connections. Jordan Valve, Enter 646

Flow meters

Fluid selection chart provided

EZ-View(R) flow meters are made of polysulfone plastic and require no special piping or flow straighteners. Reportedly accurate and reliable, the meters can be installed in any position. Units are designed for harsh industrial environments, are shock and vibration resistant, and are used with liquid, air, or compressed gas. They are rated for 32-250F. Various male and female fittings are standard. Hedland Flow Meters, Enter 647

Monitoring kit

For remote areas

Oil level monitoring kits help maintenance professionals protect industrial process machinery from damage. Each monitoring kit is reportedly easy to assemble, compact, and compatible with all of the company's pumps. Features include a switch-mounting bracket, hardware, and documentation. Applications include remote, industrial areas like oil fields, paper mills, and automotive plants. An optional SWITCHGAGE(R) oil level monitor is available. Wanner Engineering, Enter 648

Shock absorbers

Increased energy per cycle

Three series of industrial shock absorbers include rolling diaphragm seal systems, rear hex sockets, and wide effective weight ranges. Reportedly ideal for mounting into actuator pressure chambers, they provide better damping than normal cylinder cushions. Applications include material handling equipment, robotics, machine tools, pick-and-place systems, and packaging equipment. ACE Controls Inc., Enter 649

Large filter regulator

For engineering or production

A 2-inch filter water separator and pilot regulator is available for large systems requiring robust main air lines. Benefits of large equipment include excellent reliability, extremely high flow rates, long filter service, large filter area, and maximum air availability. Applications include plant engineering, building construction, and automotive production. The units are available as two separate pieces of equipment. Hoerbiger Origa, Enter 650

Piston-actuated valves

Standard diameters available

Piston-actuated valves are used as alternatives to solenoid or ball valves with maximum operating pressure of 290 psi and vacuum to 29 inches Hg. PA valves operate on air, water, or inert gases and are safe in explosive environments. An angled seat design allows smooth operation, which results in high flow rates and minimum pressure drops. Applications include light slurries, viscous fluids, corrosives, and saturated steam. Spirax Sarco Inc., Enter 651

Filter Regulators

Sensitive pneumatic applications

The Balston 12E series filter regulators are designed to capture rust and pipescale particles, and continually remove oil and water contaminants at an efficiency of 99.9+% at 0.01 micron, from the compressed air supply while providing accurate pressure regulation. Using a rolling diaphragm design and available in port sizes of 0.375 through 0.25 inch, the 12E series is suited for low and high flow applications with changing airflow. Parker Hannifin Enter 652

Miniature Solenoid Valves

Transfers high-purity fluids

Pure-Chem(TM) solenoid-operated valves use fluid handling technology to dispense high-purity, aggressive, and corrosive liquids. This chemically resistant valve is designed to isolate the solenoid from the fluid media by utilizing long-wearing, high-performance inert engineered plastics within the flow path, eliminating corrosion, galling, contamination, and mechanical failure. Bio-Chem Valve, Enter 653

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