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Product News

Sealant applicators

Designed for sealing threaded pipe fittings and valves in a variety of industries, this company's line of sealant applicators includes products which work with tape and liquid sealants. The The Thred Taper? is said to automatically apply PTFE tape to the threads of a fitting and eliminate hand wrapping and reverse wrapping, while the ECSII? Liquid Sealant Application Machine incorporates a controller to precisely dispense amounts of liquid sealant.

Federal Process, 4620 Richmond Rd, Cleveland, OH 44253; FAX (216) 464-2080;

For Information, circle 588

Magnetic couplings

Hysteresis magnetic couplings are designed to smoothly transmit torque while providing servo-quality overload protection in bottle capping and other packaging applications. The product uses a two-part design in which the parts nestle together but don't make contact, allowing torque to be transmitted through the magnetic field produced by the coupling.

Rimtec Corp., 825 N. Cass Ave., Westmont, IL 60559; FAX (630) 325-1404;

For Information, circle 589

Adhesive tapes

IB-2130 tapes have just been added to this company's line of double-coated adhesive products. The tapes are said to provide high tack at a low cost for gasketing, dust sealing, and sound deadening in automotive and appliance applications. The product is also said to be softer than normal acrylics, allowing it to more easily bond with other materials.

MACtac, 4560 Darrow Rd., Stow, OH 44224; FAX (330) 688-2540.

For Information, enter 590

Lamp extractor

S-339 mechanical lamp extractors are designed to install and remove bayonet-type miniature lamps found in panels and switchboards by firmly grasping them. The grasp lever features a spring for ease of use. The product measures 1/2 x 4 inches, while grasp is limited to 5/16 inch to prevent against short circuits.

Jonard, 134 Marbledale Rd., Tuckahoe, NY 10707; FAX (914) 793-4527;

For Information, enter 591

Insulating adhesive

TRA-BOND 2156 is said to be a thermally conductive epoxy designed for bonding transistors, diodes, resistors, integrated circuits, and other heat sensitive circuits to circuit boards. The product is a two-part adhesive which gels quickly at room temperature and comes in the company's BIPAX packaging, which is said to allow the customer to use it in small quantities or else in mass production.

Tra-Con Inc., 45 Wiggins Ave., Bedford, MA 01730; FAX (781) 275-9249;

For Information, enter 592

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