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Application series

Improves manufacturing efficiency

The Moldflow Manufacturing Series(TM) 1.0 set of applications reportedly improves manufacturing productivity for plastics injection molding, and metal die casting work. Benefits of this application series include improved molded part quality, decreased cycle times, minimized scrap and improved data use. The system can be installed on any plastics injection-molding machine in production use, the company says. Moldflow Corporation, Enter 657

Online parts tracing

Expansive parts library

Web site offers access to millions of native CAD models for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire users. Designers can speed the product development process using access searches that include extensive parts libraries, international standards NF, ISO, BS, DIN, UNI and ANSI. Languages include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. PTC, Enter 658

Fluid dynamics software

Automated functions speed results

New technology, developed by a leader in computational fluid dynamics software, is designed for product development processes. CFX-TurboGrid(TM) analyzes rotating machinery using a mesh creation tool. High-quality grids are required to generate accurate results and compare designs, the company says. Meshes can be exported for use with other programs in the company's software system. Ansys, Southpointe Enter 659

PMC modules

Single board performs I/O functions

Two I/O modules feature digital and counter/timer functions on a single PMC module. The PMC424 includes 40 digital channels for TTL and differential signals. The PMC464 has 64 TTL digital I/O channels. Counter/Timers on both models count events, generate waveform control signals, and measure waveforms. Six operating modes support functions like frequency, pulse width, and period measurement. Acromag Inc., Enter 670

Rack-mount workstation

Dual, removable hard drives

Rack-mount machine workstations are custom-built and feature dual removable hard drives. Workstations include front access USB ports, seven-slot PISA or PICMG backplane, allowing the use of PCI and ISA boards. All drives are accessible from the front. The N1W 1207 workstation offers USB characteristics dependent on the CPU card selected, a front door protective panel and analog-resistive touchscreen. CyberResearch Inc., Enter 671

Single-board computer

Access large amounts of data

A single-board computer, designed to provide fast access to large amounts of data for client/server systems, the VCP P3A COTS computer is designed for military and severe environment applications. Features include Socket 370 Intel Pentium Celeron chip to 1.2 GHz. Applications include client/server file systems, man/machine interfaces, embedded simulation, communications, intelligence, and surveillance. Vista Controls, Enter 672

Online fabrication site

Fast quotes, easy tracking

Get shorter lead times and faster quoting using an online metal fabrication quoting and ordering system, the company claims. Fox Valley Metal Tech reportedly offers fast quotes and an easy tracking system for custom metal manufacturing projects. Some quotes are available instantly. Remain competitive by ordering parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fox Valley Metal-Tech, Enter 673

Shielding gasket

With nylon ripstop cladding

VersaClad VC-100 gaskets offer the right amount of EMI shielding for PC applications. The gaskets exceed industry standards like FCC and CE requirements, using fabric-clad foam technology. VC-100 is composed of multiple metals on fabric including Monel. VersaClad provides surface resistivity of 0.25 ohms/square and average shielding effectiveness of 92.6 dB in frequencies 20 MHz to 18 GHz. Schlegel Systems Inc., Enter 674

Design report wizard

Customization options, modifications

Users may reportedly get faster engineering design reports using the company's wizard and navigational environment, which generates and reports in HTML. The wizard is available for all analysis types and supports many image, animation, and customization tools. Enhancements to previous versions include updated report format, improved navigation in reports, ability to specify image file, and ability to modify tables. Algor Inc., Enter 675

Mechanical parts library

Bearings, fasteners, steel shapes

PartsNow! 4.1 parts library for AutoCAD 2004 and Inventor, offers designers the ability to create millions of standard and special parts like bearings, fasteners and steel shapes. The company claims one of the world's largest parts libraries. PartsNow! creates components inside either CAD program and supports JIS, ANSI, ISO, DIN industrial standards. Cadalog, Inc., Enter 676

CAD markup viewer

Available as a thin client

AutoVue supports Livelink CADManager with full access to all XREFS and reference files. Users can view and mark up AutoCAD documents from within their Livelink system. Features include multiple format support, visualization tools, collaboration and management of external references. AutoVue supports two-dimensional CAD drawings, and three-dimensional CAD parts and assemblies. Cimmetry Systems Inc., Enter 677

Design verification software

Analyze all-angle geometry

Increase design verification speed, analyze geometry, and use analog or mixed-signal IC using the L-Edit Pro 10 software. Features include design rescaling wizard, which allows users to drill down to a specific object for editing, improve dimension display and multi-language menu options. Available in full-version or as an upgrade, L-Edit Pro 10 runs on Windows(R) XP, NT, 2000, or 98 platform. Tanner Research, Enter 678

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