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Simulation software

Collaborate without mixing languages

Simulation software designed for multi-technology prototyping is ideal for automotive, aerospace and power technology systems, according to the company, and is used in the electrical design process for electric/hybrid-electric vehicles. Reportedly, the software allows collaboration between OEMs and suppliers. SIMPLORER(R) 6.0 model systems are comprised of analog, digital, mixed-signals, mechanics, hydraulics, and various controls without having to choose among languages. Features include VHDL-AMS modeling language, compatibility with SPICE 3F5 standard format, and libraries. Ansoft Enter 641

Online data service

Preview option confirms design

The ability to preview translated files for errors and omissions can save time and money for designers and customers. PS-Exchange online data translation service includes preview and allows translation of AutoCAD DXF and DWG files. Customers store the software, and authorizations are sent over the Internet, rather than a complete CAD model. Options for PS-Exchange include CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SDRC, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and more. Files for export include IGES, Parasolid XT, STEP, STL, and DGK. Delcam International Enter 642

Integration tools

Collaborative interface

A collaborative interface is available for LMS Virtual.Lab that links the company's product for all linear structural analysis. Virtual.Lab users can model, retrieve results data, automatically set up solutions, and drive the company's solver. The software interface helps designers develop new products faster for the competitive advantage, the company says. Features include automatic updates, error-free data transfers, and increased productivity. The collaborative tools address motion, noise, vibration, and durability. Enter 643

Plastic product simulation

Optimize part design work

MPI(TM) v4 features user-driven enhancements and improvements for in-depth simulations in injected molded plastics. The software is designed to solve problems and streamline design-to-manufacturing, the company says. Features include extended 3D simulation technology, customization, and connectivity, allowing users to automate common tasks. The product release allows users to access the company's community center, an Internet collaboration tool. Applications include automotive and structural plastics. Moldflow Corp., Enter 644

Backlit touch screen

Upgrade, replace old panels

The GT-10J touch screen is designed to replace text panels and upgrade machinery. Features include backlit LCD screen, modem capability for remote programming and multiple PLC drivers such as Allen Bradley, Aromat, Modbus RTU, Siemens, and Mitsubishi. The software supports bitmap graphics, true-type fonts, key switches, function keys, lamps, bar graphs, and multiple message texts. Units connect to custom controllers using a general-purpose serial mode and any language that can send ASCII strings. Aromat Corp., Enter 645

Digital modeling software

Simultaneous product development

Combining digital modeling for design with advanced tools for global collaboration, IX SpeeD(TM) software promotes Simultaneous Product Development(TM). Features include functional surfacing, in- or out-of-context assembly model integration, a user-defined custom object library, and security and role management tools. The software is reportedly the only one allowing collaborative assembly modeling over the Internet, and allows large-scale changes like adding and deleting parts without rebuilding mating interfaces. ImpactXoft USA, Enter 646

Lightweight monitors

Swivel mount, fully adjustable

GDS Series monitors combine adjustable swivel arms with TFT LCD displays. Arms are available with clamp, through-hole or weighted base and provide omni-positioning for industrial and laboratory applications. Features include 12.1- or 15-inch screen, 2-pc cast aluminum shell, and optional analog resistive touch screen. Arms rotate on 5 axes, 180 degrees pan left and right, 360 degrees swivel, and 270 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise. CyberResearch Inc., Enter 647

3D modeler

New surfacing, pattern features

The R10 release of 3D modeling products reportedly increases performance and functionality, and enhances compatibility with other software products. ACIS(R) Modeler R10 allows the constraint of a lofted surface using guide curves. Features include extended pattern support and a reported 25% increase in speed over previous versions. According to the company, the faceting component can recognize and use ACIS patterns for faster pattern generation. Spatial Technology, Enter 648

Hybrid editing tool

Lower recurring maintenance costs

A new hybrid editing software tool reportedly lowers maintenance costs over MicroStation raster editing programs. The RAS/Edit tool features unlimited MicroStation undo commands and powerful raster capability supporting TIF, CIT, TG4, and other monochrome formats. Designed for use in the process/power industry, the tool can manipulate raster and vector areas simultaneously and reportedly saves up to 70% per year over larger editing programs. Mill Creek Systems, Enter 649

Part viewers

HOOPS 3D integration

Part viewers for the HOOPS(R) 3D product suite provide tools to visualize, publish, and collaborate using the major CAD formats. Engineers use viewers to unload and interrogate models, participate in collaborative mark-up sessions, and publish to the Web. The viewer saves to HTML, has a simplified user interface, allows real time collaboration, and includes a new lighting model with more photo-realistic rendering. Tech Soft Enter 650

Post-processing application

Dataset comparison, easy visuals

FIELDVIEW 8.2 computational fluid dynamics processor reportedly offers more productive post-processing applications. In this version, users compare different time steps to examine perturbations. Features include data set comparison that permits easy visual and numerical comparison between data sets, and fast design comparison in changing operating conditions. FIELDVIEW automatically reuses grid memory and other resources for appended data sets and has increased addressable memory in Windows XP Professional(TM). Intelligent Light, Enter 651

CAD2SVG Converter

Supports raster images, attributes

An upgrade of CAD2SVG converter supports raster images, options for compression, and increased attribute support. Raster image support is important to GIS users and civil engineers. The converter organizes data into metadata blocks, allowing applications to query, change, or display all non-graphical data typically in CAD and GIS files. The product reportedly increases image quality and better preserves underlying data using scalable vector graphics and an XML backbone. The product offers a 90% compression ratio without change in document quality. Savage Software, Enter 652

Stock picking software

Automated storage and retrieval

Parts PL(TM) automated stock storage and retrieval software requires minimal operator training and installs quickly, the company says. Users may incorporate the installation wizard to create inventories using SKU numbers and quantities, and pick accurately in systems including shelving and racks, pick light, vertical carousels, and vertical lift modules. Standard features include management of multiple work zones, intuitive interface for logical commands, and simple upgrading. Options include bar code scanning, bulk storage management, pick banding, and a variety of reports. FastPic Systems, Enter 653

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