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Product News

Product News

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CAD conversion

CAD Conversion 4.0 includes a new wizard to help users convert CAD file types, transfer them through networks, and import them to the correct directory. And a graphical viewer shows simplified drawings, including the reference points that allow users to compare a converted file with the control file.

MYDATA Communications Solutions,

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IC thermal modeler

FLOPACK is a web-based application that creates thermal models of IC packages. Its latest version includes a JEDEC Library Wizard which recognizes standard package outlines and instantly generates the appropriate models, so the user no longer needs to enter variables like substrate dimensions, number of leads, lead pitch, and material properties.

Flomerics Inc.,

Enter 665

Mathematical notation software

Scientific WorkPlace 3.5 lets users input mathematics in standard math notation, then process and typeset the output, all without rendering their data into LaTeX or MuPAD commands. Users can also copy any mathematical expression in a Scientific WorkPlace document as a vector-graphics picture, then use it in a drawing, PowerPoint presentation, or Web page.

MacKichan Software Inc.,

Enter 666

Design for assembly

Design for Assembly (DFA) version 9.0 lets engineers estimate assembly times and costs for their designs, and choose between new design ideas. The software analyzes designs with the aim of consolidating parts and eliminating design difficulties, for applications in automotive, aerospace, medical, and telecom.

Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.,

Enter 667

Electrical schematic software

VIA Schematic LITE Suite version 3.0 automates the job of creating electrical controls schematics in AutoCAD. Users can cut and paste old drawings together, or insert new devices into an existing design, and the program will automatically renumber the devices and reference line numbers.

VIA Development Corp.,

Enter 668

Graphical programming

VEE Pro 6.0 is a graphical programming environment designed for applications in measurement and control, analysis, test systems, and data acquisition. It now incorporates MATLAB(R) script, providing more robust programming capabilities, faster measurement results, and better ease-of-use, the company says. Other improvements include new tutorials, embedded I/O configuration, new ActiveX data types, and support for additional graphics file formats.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,

Enter 669

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