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Product News

Servo drive

The AXIOM(TM) Plus is a brushless servo drive with an integrated motion controller and PLC. It utilizes a high-speed DSP to implement single-axis controller and PLC functions, and provides high-bandwidth digital control of brushless motors. The AXIOM Plus also features Auto-Phasing, which reportedly eliminates the need for Hall-effect sensors in the motor.


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Embedded network chip

The DSTni(TM) semiconductor contains essential hardware components that enable network connectivity and allow devices to be remotely monitored and controlled over the Internet or shared networks. The chip comes with a complete suite of on-chip peripheral hardware to reduce integration risk, and a 96-MHz processor that will support the most advanced applications. It has two 10/100 Ethernet MACs and an integrated physical layer.


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A Trench gate IGBT high-power dual module is said to offer increased energy efficiency and reduce radiated noise. The CM600DU-24F broadens the company's dual module family at 1,200V from 75A to 600A. Available in the low-inductance U-Series package, it accommodates five different high-power IGBT devices. The CM600DU-24F provides a saturation voltage of only 1.9V for the 1,200V units. This is a 33% reduction in saturation voltage from the company's previous series.

Powerex Inc.,

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Ultrasonic sensors

Combining a 1-inch deadband with an 18-mm barrel package, SUPERPROX(R) Model SM600 Series ultrasonic sensors can be spaced a sensing-range distance of 1 to 12 inches from the object being detected. The unit can detect objects of all colors and materials whether transparent or opaque, liquid or solid. Detected objects can be as small as 0.06-inch rod diameter at a distance of 2.5 inches from the unit.

Hyde Park Electronics Inc.,

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Welding modules

Two modules allow integration of ultrasonic plastic welders into automated and custom equipment. Available in 20 and 35 kHz, the modules feature rigid construction to permit high-pressure welding without deflection. Each unit is equipped with a crossed roller slide for increased reliability, and adjustable flow controls for travel speed. Both units are available with optional microprocessor control capabilities.

Sonobond Ultrasonics,

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IC clock

The Si5364 SONET/SDH IC is a complete high-performance clock generation device capable of producing the ultra-low jitter reference clocks that are required by 2.5-, 10-, and 40-Gbps optical port cards. This single IC provides Stratum 2/3/3E-compliant protection switching and produces four output reference clocks with less than 0.25-ps jitter in OC-192 applications. Additionally, the Si5364 uses the proprietary SiLECT(TM) technology to integrate hitless switching with clock synthesis circuitry.

Silicon Laboratories,

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The Eclipse(TM) Spring-Set motor brake flange-mounts with integral input and output flanges. With operating speeds up to 5,000 rpm and continuous thermal horsepower up to 0.30 hpt, it also offers a low inertia rotor and shaft, comes completely assembled, and installs in vertical or horizontal mounting configurations.

Nexen Group Inc.,

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