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Product News

Product News

Customized shafts

This company now offers a wide selection of customized shaft options, features, and materials for its LO-COG(R) brush-commutated and ELCOM(R) brushless dc motors and gearmotors. The journals of any of these products can be customized in advance with a flat, journal, keyway, cross hole, slot, groove, swage, gear, clutch, or pulley.


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Stepper motor drivers

UPS53 Series 5-phase stepper drivers are said to be ready to run and have integral power supplies which connect directly to 115V ac current. The product features automatic current reduction at standstill to save power, step and direction or CW/CCW command signals, driver overheat warning, full or half step drive selection, and drive current off command to turn off holding torque.

Nyden Corp.,

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Hysteresis brake and clutch line operates without the use of magnetic particles or friction components. Torque runs independent of speed, allowing torque more than 200 inch-lbs and a broad speed range of up to 20,000 rpm. Other features include power up to 4,800W, variable adjustability, and designs in metric and English dimensions.

Magtrol Inc.,

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Brushless servo-amplifier

DES 50/5 digital servo amplifier is designed for velocity or torque control of brushless motors. Sinusoidal commutation at 50 kHz is said to ensure smooth velocity and torque control even at low speeds. The product is designed for brushless motors equipped with both Hall effect sensors and a digital encoder, and has integrated motor chokes for compatibility with low inductance motors.

Maxon Precision Motors,

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Ball screws

For high-speed machining, the HMC ball screw reaches maximum speeds of 100 m/min. This model is said to offer higher rigidity and load capacity when compared to the manufacturer's other ball screw models. This is achieved through the HMC's double-start screw and optimized ball groove profile. Its optional hollow shaft reportedly provides good thermal protection. The hollow shaft can be specified with shaft diameters of 400 or 50 mm.

NSK Precision Products Div.,

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Linear motion system

A pre-assembled linear motion system features a load-bearing platform with near-zero play in any direction. The system's components limit vertical and horizontal movement to within plus or minus 0.001 inch. The complete package comprises a 24- x 17-inch platform, a support/guide rail system, case-hardened shaft, and a rolling ring linear actuator. The unit is pre-assembled and pre-designed to cut setup time.

Amacoil Inc.,

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Motor and driver

An integrated optical encoder is a new option on the MDrive17 integrated motor and driver, that offers single-end and differential configurations, multiple resolutions, and an index mark on each en-coder. This version of the motor/driver combination is available in three stack lengths and with line counts of 100, 200, 300, or 500. It accepts up to 14 resolution settings from 1/2 to 250 microsteps per step.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.,

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Linear guide

Using FrelonJ(TM) bearing material bonded directly to its carriage, the Mini-Plane Rail linear guides performs well in contaminated environments. It is designed to wipe contaminants clear of the rail without the need for additional seals. The bearings and carriage run on an anodized aluminum rail and have a maximum running clearance from 0.0015 to 0.0035 inch. The device is self-lubricating, which avoids the possibility of attracting more contaminants via grease or oils.

Pacific Bearing,

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