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Product News

Product News

Imaging library

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) ver. 6.1 is a software development toolkit for machine vision, medical imaging, and image analysis. It offers developers a range of functions for image capture, transfer, processing, analysis, and display. And it works on a range of programming environments and for the Windows OS. Applications include robotics, radiology, and microscopy, as well as packaging, semiconductor inspection, and more.

Matrox Imaging, 1055 St. Regis Blvd., Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9P 2T4; FAX 514-822-6273;

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3D LCD display

The DTI 2018XL display is a 3D autostereoscopic imaging technology featuring an 18.1-inch TFT LCD screen, display resolution to 1280x1024 pixels, and 16.7 million colors. It is used in an application at the NASA Ames Virtual Collaborative Clinic, allowing doctors to collaborate and consult over long distances, via a high-resolution, 24-bit, 3D color image in near real-time, the company says.

Dimension Technologies Inc., 315 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, NY 14611; FAX 716 436-3280.

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3D modeling

TracePro(R) ver. 2.1 is an opto-mechanical 3D solid modeling software package designed for applications in biomedical, lighting, display, imaging, and energy. It includes modeling of thin film stacks, gradient index materials, and temperature dependence of material and surface properties. For medicine, this includes the modeling of bulk scattering in biological tissue, and a database of scattering in human tissue.

Lambda Research Corp., 80 Taylor St. Box 1400, Littleton, MA 01460-4400; FAX (978) 486-0755;

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Thermal printer

The FTP-624MCL303/304 thermal printer is battery-driven and has its own guillotine cutter, for applications in portable devices such as POS, test and measurement, data collection, and medical equipment. It measures 97x57x38mm, weighs 280 grams, and can print at a maximum speed of 55 mm/sec. with 203 dots/inch resolution.

Fujitsu Takamisawa America Inc., 250 E Caribbean Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089; FAX (408) 745-4971;

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CNC machining software

SURFCAM 2000 is a 2, 3, 4, and 5-axis PC-based CAD/CAM software package designed for machining and mechanical design. Features include pencil cut machining, allowing the NC programmer to machine sharp or filleted surface details on single or multiple surfaces using ball, bull, and end mills. Applications include laser, plasma, and water jet machines.

Surfware, 5703 Corsa Ave, Westlake Village, CA 91362; FAX (818) 991-1980;

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Mobile patient tracking

The Mobile-PatientViewer(TM)(MPV) is a wireless device that monitors the highest acuity patients, allowing caregivers to track them from the palms of their hands. It provides continuous access to time-critical vital signs, multi-patient waveforms, and event-triggered waveforms.

VitalCom Inc., 15222 Del Amo Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780; FAX (714) 571-3945;

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