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Micro Drives Increase Surgical Precision

Article-Micro Drives Increase Surgical Precision

Micro Drives Increase Surgical Precision

Modern medical technology is making operations safer and replacing conventional surgical methods with procedures that put less strain on patients. Often, these new techniques rely on micro-control motion technology, such as minimally invasive surgery, for example, which uses small openings in the body rather than larger incisions.

Since all the components used need to be as compact as possible, micro drives are an appropriate solution for medical actuator systems. They produce high performance from very low product volumes, plus they are very easy to control and adaptable to all medical standards, making them perfect for extending the fingertip sensitivity of the operator. Minimally invasive surgery represents a significant improvement for patients, but the "operating tools" used need to meet exacting requirements in terms of flexibility, reliability, and ergonomics.

The new ViKY system (Vision Control for endoscopY) developed by EndoControl is tailored to meet these everyday medical requirements. In order to accommodate all the options the system offers to the operator within the smallest possible space, the developers worked in conjunction with custom motion provider, Faulhaber. Modern micromotors with precision gears and motion controllers are now used for the precise execution of the surgeon's control commands.

The new endoscopy system was developed with flexibility and compact design in mind from the outset. The device can handle all standard procedures in the abdomen, chest cavity, and other body cavities. Its small size, compared to other systems, means the surgeon is given better access to the patient, and allows surgeons to employ their experience in direct contact with the patient rather than being reliant on pre-filtered information on a screen.

Its comparatively low procurement and operating costs, compact size, and the fact that ease of sterilization has been incorporated into the design, make the system ideal for various surgical disciplines. Precise control and drives allow the system to be used just as effectively in different areas such as gynecology, urology, or gastrointestinal, bariatric, and thoracoscopic surgery.

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