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Look Ahead: 10 Areas of Advancing Engineering for 2018

Article-Look Ahead: 10 Areas of Advancing Engineering for 2018

2018 Look Ahead
Before you dive too deeply into 2018, prepare yourself for what will surely be an innovative year.

The new year is here and already proving to offer significant opportunities and advances on 2017.

Before you dive too deeply into 2018, prepare yourself for what will surely be an innovative year full of opportunities and challenges.

Check out the following articles offering insight and a look ahead at key areas for engineering, design, and manufacturing in 2018, including artificial intelligence, autonomous and electric vehicle technologies, IoT, cybersecurity, the digital plant, and more. And remember to share your own insight in the comments field of each article.

The Battle of AI Processors Begins in 2018

2018 will be the start of what could be a longstanding battle between chipmakers to determine who creates the hardware that artificial intelligence lives on.

Autonomous Cars Will Move to Level 4 in 2018

On the strength of better sensors and software, automakers will speed the development of self-driving vehicle technology in 2018, reaching milestones that experts hadn’t anticipated so soon.

Battery Market Goes Bigger and Better in 2018

Advances in battery technologies hold the keys to continuing progress in portable electronics, robotics, military, and telecommunication applications, as well as distributed power grids.

Cybersecurity Dangers Will Spike in 2018

While the cyber danger increases for industrial networks, holistic security is gaining ground.

The Digitized Plant Will Go Mainstream in 2018

Small manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of the newly affordable digital revolution.

China, Tesla Will Set Pace of EV Battery Production in 2018

Worldwide EV battery production will increase by 45% in 2018, but growth could be better if Tesla’s Model 3 sells in big numbers.

Demand for IoT Edge Processors Will Continue to Grow in 2018

Factories, farms, and smart homes will all need low-cost MCUs with on-board connectivity.

2018 Will Be the Year of Robot ROI

The robotics industry is banking on a growth year as robot ROI comes easier.

Onward to 5G, 6G, and Beyond

Before we get to already-anticipated 6G, this coming year will see all eyes on 5G, which is only just starting to emerge from R&D labs, and will continue to develop and get implemented over the next half a decade.

10 Automotive Startups to Watch in 2018

From autonomous cars, to health sensors, and even open-source technology, meet 10 startups that will be at the forefront of the auto industry's major technology shifts in 2018 and beyond.

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