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Line of Operator Interfaces Designed for OEMs

Line of Operator Interfaces Designed for OEMs

Eaton Corp.'s XV and XP Series is a new line of operator interfaces designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). They provide customers with flexibility in design, communications and application. The XV and XP Series have a broad array of serial and Ethernet connectivity options and are rated for global applications in a slim, light-weight OEM design. With Eaton's new advanced operator interface solutions, customers can create web-based applications for the manufacturing environment to enhance their ability to diagnose machine faults, prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve process effectiveness.

Each model comes with Eaton's Visual Designer software for OEMs and is designed for interoperability, simplicity and security. It is powerful, intuitive and allows for the quick design and implementation of graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. The user interface helps make advanced features easier to implement, including: data archiving, recipe management, multi-language, Structured Query Language (SQL) database access and web serving.

In addition to basic monitor and control, Visual Designer software has a wide array of advanced features that help streamline the design of sophisticated applications. Simplified yet powerful security means that the same local user accounts and passwords for viewing and control also apply remotely. Visual Designer software allows Eaton's XV and XP Series to communicate with a variety of networks, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), web clients and databases.

The new XV and XP Series are available in a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 3.5 to 15-inch and a blind node. All models include both serial and Ethernet ports. Other connectivity and memory options include Secure Digital (SD), CompactFlash, USB and multiple Ethernet ports.

Line of Operator Interfaces Designed for OEMs
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