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Integrated Gas Management System

Article-Integrated Gas Management System

Integrated Gas Management System

CONCOA's fully automatic 642 Series IntelliSwitch IIhas an onboard Web server with embedded software for remote diagnostics and real-time process control. Control can be selected with the push of a button or remotely with proprietary I-LINK communication. CONCOA says software logic lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid can vent loss and excess residual return, making the IntelliSwitch II useful for the process and the metal fabrication industries. Applications include Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen in the primary steel industry; Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen in metal fabrication; Nitrogen and Oxygen in the chemical and the refining industries; and Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen or Helium in defense and aerospace.

Series 642's integral Web server enables remote access, integrated Ethernet connectivity provides for network integration, e-mail notification allows for 24/7 system monitoring and Low-Loss technology reduces residual return, while an electronic economizer eliminates liquid can vent loss, a NEMA-4 cabinet allows for simple installation and an internal-balance stem-line regulator for total process control.

Regulator and valve bodies are brass bar stock, valve seats are Neoprene and Viton, seals are PTFE and Viton, and the enclosure is NEMA 4 powder-coated steel. Specifications include a 40-micron filter, maximum inlet pressure of 3,000 PSI (210 BAR), and a 0-140 degree temperature range. Weight is 67 lbs., flow capacity is Cv is 1.0 and power requirements are selectable 110 or 220V ac.

Integrated Gas Management System
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