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Flexible forcer

Flexible forcer

ThrustTube speed ranges from microns/sec to greater than 14.5; it delivers up to 20g accelerations; and, with the addition of a linear scale, it achieves micron-level accuracy.

ThrustTube(TM) exploits a simple patented design based around a tubular thrust rod and a moving thrust block to eliminate the mechanical integration difficulties and heat dissipation issues typically associated with linear motors. The block, or forcer, carries a set of thrust-generating, circular armature coils that, unlike common flat and c-frame linear motors, fully encircle its stator magnets.

This approach yields greater force per volume than flat- or channel-type linear motors because the coils act on the electromagnetic flux lines from the entire magnet surface for more efficient operation. Increased efficiency allows the motor to operate without the need of forced cooling.

Unlike u-channel motors with fin-shaped forcers that require ancillary equipment to maintain position inside the magnet track and connect it to the load, the ThrustTube's forcer provides flexible load-mounting options without extra brackets. A 0.034-inch air gap between the forcer's inner diameter and the thrust rod's outer surface relaxes mechanical tolerances, and eases lead screw retrofit. Minimal modification is needed to provide a drop-in replacement for lead screw mechanisms.

The product series provides peak force outputs ranging from 52 to greater than 1,500N and is available in three different magnetic rod diameters, with four different block lengths and shapes for each rod. With a variety of interchangeable components for each rod size, engineers can use different construction techniques to configure and build a variety of direct drive machines.

Jim Woodward, Copley Controls Corp., 20 Dan Rd., Canton, MA 02021; Tel: (781) 828-8090 ext. 261; Fax: (781) 828-6547; E-mail: [email protected]. For more information, or: Enter 510

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