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Featured Product

Featured Product

Fans, blowers, pumps, and conveyors typically rely on fixed-speed motor controls. By integrating motor and drive, it is possible to lower the cost of variable-speed control, and at the same time, simplify motor/drive installation.

Reliance Electric's VSM 500-a new, three-phase, variable-speed AC drive/motor-does just that. Available in 1- to 5-hp, 460V models, the VSM 500 features a volts-per-hertz pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive section. The drive's microprocessor-based current regulator provides dynamic, reliable motor speed control from 90 to 3600 rpm.

In addition, the drive indicates motor operating condition, speed, and fault codes on a four-character LED display. A programmable controller or process controller can provide remote speed reference to the VSM 500 through an isolated analog input. An analog output signal is also available for remote speed indication.

.To simplify setup, the drive/motor offers default settings of basic drive parameters. "These features," claims Jack DeLeon, program manager for Rockwell Automation's Standard Drives Business, "can reduce total installed costs by 20 to 40% per unit, when compared to applications with separate motors and drives."

..Other VSM 500 features include:

  • NEMA or IEC frames

  • Dust- and splash-proof operation

  • Satisfaction of UL, CSA, IEC, and CE mark requirements

Standard Drives Business of Reliance Electric Co., 24800 Tungsten Rd., Cleveland, OH 44117, 800-245-4501.

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