The 10 Weirdest IoT Applications

Here’s a collection of the strangely useful and just plain strange in IoT applications.
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    The 10 Weirdest IoT Applications

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has produced a wide range of beneficial technologies. Factories can monitor their equipment and detect a potential failure—and subsequent work stoppage—before it happens. On the medical side, wearable sensors can monitor body metrics and alert medical personnel of an impending issue.

    While those applications offer profound value, there are some IoT applications that range from interestingly weird to just plain goofy. There is the hotel bedpost that attracts bedbugs, destroys them, and then lets hotel management know that bedbugs have been annihilated. Another application allows you to change the message on your t-shirt to match your tweets.

    Take a look at these 10 fascinating IoT applications.

  • IoT, Internet of Things, gadgets

    Bed Bug Catcher

    Finnish startup Valpas has developed a system that is bioengineered to respond to the natural behavior of bed bugs, and the company has integrated it into IoT technology. The system keeps guests and the hotel safe from hitchhiking bed bugs by capturing them and squashing them—inside the bed leg. The IoT platform notifies the hotel of prevented incidents. The system is designed to work around the clock to annihilate bed bugs before they become a problem. (Image source: Valpas)

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    Yucky Diaper Sensor

    New York-based startup 24eight has created “wireless diapers” that contain a cellular chip that sends a text message to the lucky mom or dad tasked with cleaning up the mess. Better than the age-old smell test. (Image source: 24eight)

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    Tweeting Your Inebriation

    A number of inventors are working on separate versions of breathalyzers that send your alcohol level to interested parties. We found a number of these in the prototype state, including this one from DuckNetWeb. But so far, we haven’t found one that is actively getting marketed. (Image source: Ducknetweb)

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    Connected Messaging T-Shirt

    Graphics company Ballantine has a new idea that it calls "T-Shirt OS." The concept: a T-shirt with an ultra-thin LED screen that's connected to the Internet (via your smartphone) and can display tweets, your Intstagram feed, and even take photos. Though the technology to do all this is available, it's not yet clear whether consumers want such an item. (Image source: Ballantine)

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    Quirky Egg Minder

    Quick, do you need more eggs? You may not know offhand, but if you have the Quirky Egg Minder, you’ll know as soon as it’s time to buy more eggs. When your egg supply gets low, this IoT application will send info directly to your phone to remind you to buy more eggs. Made in partnership with GE, this device tracks how many eggs are in the fridge as well as how fresh they are. (Image source: Quirky)

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    Deal-finding Flip Flops

    These smart flip flops by Hari Mari and baseball glove maker Nokona use near-field communication technology to pair with a mobile app and notify you about Hari Mari discounts, deals, and special offers. That’s it. No fitness tracking, no other useful information—just promotions and deals from Hari Mari. (Image source: Hari Mari)

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    Jim Beam Decanter

    This voice-activated device by Jim Beam offers a distinct advantage over run-of-the-mill smart home assistants like Echo and Google Home. The JIM device is billed as the world’s first smart decanter. It can decant a shot of liquor on voice command. JIM also answers questions with the responses voiced by Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh-generation master distiller. Asked about the weather, Noe’s voice replies: “I have no idea, but I do know it’s the perfect weather to enjoy bourbon.” The company is working on more features that utilize its connectivity. (Image source: Jim Beam)

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    The Furbo Treat Shooter

    The Furbo is a Nest Cam for dogs, including a two-way radio that lets users talk to their dogs remotely and sends them notifications if it senses barking. That’s fine, but what really makes this gadget a gem is that you can shoot your dog treats from a command on your smartphone. (Image source: Furbo)

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    Remember to Drink Your Fluids

    The Hidrate Spark glows to remind you to stay hydrated. It tracks water intake and syncs with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. The device integrates with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other activity trackers to adjust your daily water goal to your daily activity level. The bottle holds 24 ounces and fits in a standard cup holder. (Image source: Hidrate Spark)

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    This Fork Covers Your Loud Slurping

    Do you slurp your noodles loudly? Apparently, plenty of people feel the pain of loud eating. So the Japanese company, Nissin, created the battery-powered Otohiko Fork that claims to detect those huge slurps. It then masks the racket using noise cancellation technology. There is also a phone app that uses your phone to cover the slurping. (Image source: Nissin)

Rob Spiegel has covered automation and control for 17 years, 15 of them for Design News . Other topics he has covered include supply chain technology, alternative energy, and cyber security. For 10 years, he was owner and publisher of the food magazine Chile Pepper.

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