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Product News

Product News


Wafer wands made of PEEK(TM) polymer, an engineering thermoplastic, are said to help prevent contamination during fabrications and handling of semiconductor wafers. An alternative to conventional metal tweezers, the manual wands reportedly have a patent-pending design to ensure that wafers are handled softly but firmly, without excessive touch.

Victrex USA Inc.
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Micro-Melt(R) CD #1 alloy is a shock-resistant cold work die steel made by a patented powder metallurgy process called Micro-Melt Process. Steel manufactured by this method has a refined microstructure with very fine grain size, and smaller, more uniformly distributed carbide particles useful in coining applications. Due to its wear resistance, it can be treated in salt or controlled atmosphere furnaces, and secondary hardened at 1,066C.

Carpenter Technology Corp.
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