The strength of 3D printing as a production method lives in the materials themselves. Advances in 3DP materials has been key to its value in manufacturing.

Rob Spiegel

February 16, 2024

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3DP materials
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Materials are critical in the 3D printing market. To a large degree, the viability and acceptance of 3D printing as a manufacturing process is due to advances in materials. The development of 3D printing is a story told in materials development, from improved polymers to metal and ceramics.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that 3D printing companies compete on materials. To some degree, these companies have become materials companies.

Design News will present a free one-hour webinar on 3DP materials – 3D Printing: It’s About the Materials – on Thursday, February 22 at 11:00 am Eastern. The webinar will look at developments and challenges in the world of 3D printing materials.

New Materials to Meet Engineering Needs

In 3D printing materials are typically developed to answer identified engineering challenges. “We have launched newer materials to meet specific industry needs. They include FDA, ESD resistance, chemical resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures,” Preston Souza, additive manufacturing product manager for igus North America, told Design News. “We also created wear resistant DLP resin to provide high resolution intricate wear parts such as small gears.”

Other requirements for new materials go beyond engineering functionality to address social needs. “Companies are focusing more on sustainability and recycling initiatives, and they require new materials,” said Souza. “Additive manufacturing is increasingly being integrated into production applications across industries to mitigate supply chain disruptions.”

Expert Presenters

The webinar will be presented in a question-and-answer setting by Dr. Gregory Hayes, SVP of Global Additive Minds at EOS and Preston Souza, the additive manufacturing product manager at igus, inc.


Greg Hayes is a strategic technology development consultant with a background in high-end research and development with a focus in materials science and engineering. At EOS, Greg works to identify market needs and uses of AM technology to develop products to fulfill those opportunities.


Preston Souza has nine years of experience in sales roles and product management. He has a thorough understanding of the capabilities igus offers engineering teams. He has participated in multiple global product workshops at igus’ headquarters in Cologne, Germany and played a crucial role in the development of SLS production at the Rhode Island facility. Preston noted that he “finds excitement in being able to problem solve wear-resistant applications using igus’ high-performance plastics for 3D printing.”

Don’t miss this free Design News webinar, 3D Printing: It’s About the Materials, on Thursday, February 22 at 11:00 am Eastern.

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