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The Top 19 Battery Articles of 2019

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From efficient hybrids to The Battery Show, take a look at the best battery stories of the past year.

The 14 Most Efficient Hybrids You Can Buy in 2019 

(Image source: Toyota)

Here are a group of new cars that will deliver more than 40 mpg without asking you to give up a thing.

15 Examples of the Past, Present, and Future of Battery Technology 

(Image source: Exide Technologies)

Batteries are powering our world. It’s time to learn where they came from and where they are going.

EVs Are Made Of This- REDUX 

(Image source: Tesla)

Here (once again) are 8 crucial parts that make up an electric vehicle (EV)

10 Green Principles For EV Sustainability 

(Image source: University of Michigan)

Recently published guidelines could help ensure that new battery technologies are sustainable and environmentally sound.

9 Ways Electrons Can Carry You Across the Water 

(Image source: Corvus Energy)

New electric jet skis, lake boats, super yachts, and marine ferries are using batteries and electric motors to revolutionize the maritime industry.

Tesla’s Megapack Aids In Renewable Energy Adoption 

(Image source: Tesla)

Tesla has introduced a huge new battery system that will allow the integration of wind and solar power sources into large-scale utility grids.

The Batteries That Powered the Lunar Module 

(Image source: NASA)

SPACE WEEK: Landing on the moon took a huge amount of engineering skill, not the least of which went into developing the batteries that would provide electricity on the lunar surface.

EV Disruption Goes Beyond Mere Numbers 

(Image source: Tesla)

Sales volumes are still small, but electric vehicles are still having a large and growing effect on the overall auto industry.

Lamborghini and MIT double the energy density in super capacitors 

(Image souce: Automobili Lamborghini)

Lamborghini's exotic supercars will rely on capacitors for a jolt of electric boost, rather than moving to turbochargers.

The Battery Show Wrap-up 

(Image source: Design News)

What we learned, what surprised us, and how the EV world is changing.

Heard At The Battery Show 

(Image source: Design News)

Breaking news, new ideas, and the pulse of the industry from The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan.

Are We Ready For Autonomous Vehicles? 

(Image source: Toyota)

A recent study examines 20 countries worldwide and finds both opportunities and potential potholes on the road to driverless cars.

What Are The Keys To EV Success? 

 (Image source: General Motors)

Ahead of his Keynote address at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, General Motors' Mark Verbrugge shares with us his thoughts on how EV progress will be made.

Opinion: How Toyota’s EVs May Save the Company 

(Image source: Toyota)

Toyota has finally committed to building a range of electric vehicles (EVs)—but is it too late?

AI Can Sort Batteries 

(Image source: Dean Deng)

A new machine-learning process can be used to predict lithium ion battery cycle life, based upon factors measured in just a few early charge and discharged cycles.

Six Electric Motorcycles That You Can Buy In 2019 

(Image source: Energica)

2019 will be a breakthrough year for electric motorcycles—here are some two-wheel offerings from six companies for commuting, work, and play.

Could Solar-Powered Cars Become Practical? 

(Image source: Toyota)

Toyota is working with solar-cell maker Sharp to explore solar-powered EVs using new, experimental, high-efficiency solar panels on a modified Prius.

5 Lessons learned from a smart home experiment 

(Image Source: Honda Smart Home System – HEMS and EV in Garage)

These lessons along with years of data are available to all with an interest in smart home development thanks to the Honda and UC-Davis project.

Heard Around the Industry: Dyson cancels its electric car project 

(Image source: Dyson)

Commentary on Dyson's exit from the electric car business.

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