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Clean-hand connector

Clean-hand connector

Because wastes inside RV holding tanks exit as the cap is removed, draining the system can be messy. Many designs require manually opening the cap of the camper-disposal outlet before connecting the flexible hose that drains the waste into the sewage system. To solve the problem, this invention uses a lock bushing, transition coupling and a sliding cap that looks like a ping-pong paddle. The design lets campers hook up the hose before opening the cap. However the cap must maintain a tight seal, and then be free to slide open.

To prevent leakage, thread engagement between the lock bushing and the lower housing applies sealing force between the sliding cap and a round neoprene seal.

By matching internal threads on the lock bushing with external threads on the lower housing, the lock bushing moves toward the base of the lower housing advancing the transition coupling that applies pressure to seal the cap when turned clockwise. When turned counter-clockwise, the lock bushing, transition coupling, and cover move away from the base of the lower housing, freeing the cap so it can slide open when the lever is pulled.

After hooking the hose to the clean-hand connector, turning the lock bushing counter clockwise allows a pull on the lever to slide the cap open. Pushing the lever back closes the cap. Then rotating the lock bushing clockwise seals it before disconnecting the flexible hose.

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