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10 Mutant Mustangs: Maybe the 'rules' are really more like 'guidelines'

Ford has stretched the definition of what Mustang means from the very beginning.

Corners of the internet reacted with dismay to Ford's introduction of the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover SUV. But Ford's history with Mustang is one of experimentation, testing boundaries, and most significantly, of pioneering new market segments.

So the Mach-E is in keeping with those components of what Mustang has meant historically. After considering the longstanding malleability of what "Mustang" means, maybe the question we should be asking when looking at the Mach-E is, "What does SUV mean?"

Click through to see some of the Mustang 'rules' Ford has bent or broken over the decades.


Dan Carney is a Design News senior editor, covering automotive technology, engineering and design, especially emerging electric vehicle and autonomous technologies.

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