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20 Top Automotive Articles of 2020

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Please enjoy our list of the top 20 most interesting and impactful automotive developments in 2020.

This year saw so many developments in the world of automotive engineering and Design News was there, in traditional style, to cover them. From rankings of automotive start-ups and Consumer Reports most and least reliable cars to auto industry outlooks amid the pandemic and under President-Elect Biden, here we have wrapped up for you the 20 most interesting developments in automotive in 2020.

  1. The World's Top Automakers, Ranked by Revenue
  2. Top 10 EV Values in Dollars per Mile
  3. 10 automotive startups to watch in 2020
  4. Auto Industry Outlook Under President-Elect Biden
  5. New Champion Tops Consumer Reports 2021 Most Reliable Cars
  6. Consumer Reports 10 Least Reliable Cars for 2021
  7. How Your Car Got its Fuel Fill Arrow on the Gas Gauge
  8. How to Build a Better Car Battery
  9. Cadillac Lyriq Reveals New Details of GM’s Ultium Battery Technology
  10. GM’s Infantry Squad Vehicle Builds On Colorado ZR2 Foundation
  11. Build Your Own Soapbox Derby Racer Courtesy of Hyundai
  12. How 3D Printing Gets GM Racing to the Checkered Flag
  13. Out of this World GM Robotics Come Down to Earth in its Factories
  14. GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will Be Built in Dedicated 'Factory Zero'
  15. The Ten Most Unreliable Vehicles for 2020
  16. GM's Pivot to Medical Manufacturing Is Powered by 3D Printing
  17. Audi's 2020 Technology Hits
  18. Rebelle Rally Team Offering Free Race Engineering Workshops for Girls
  19. The Engineering Superhero Who Inspired Generations: Speed Racer
  20. Porsche Races Car with Renewables-Based Body Parts
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