batteries, Japanese researchers, Lithium-Ion Batteries, battery chemistries, EV, University of Tokyo
3D-Printed Rubbery Brain implants, conducting polymer, rapidly fabricates electronic devices, neurological treatments and therapies
new material, brain connections, IoT, Texas A&M University, solid-state material, sophisticated computing-processing systems
Magnet-Controlled Implant, Stimulate Nerves, Relieve Pain, Rice University, neural device, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease.
wearables, materials, Thermoelectric Generator, harvesting body heat, Organic Electronics at Linköping University
printable light sensors, semiconductor ink, inkjet printing process for optoelectronic devices,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Germany
renewable energy, energy storage, water storage, hydropower storage, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIAS