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Product News

Product News

Protective boots

Heat-shrinkable molded shapes mount over connectors and other wiring applications using a heat gun to create a permanently sealed strain relief. These shapes create a seamless, protective boot and have shrink ratios of 5:1. Bottle, long-outlet, right-angle, and T shapes, as well as 2- and 6-way shapes, end caps, and strain reliefs are featured. Hot-melt, epoxy, and mastic adhesives are optional.

Nelco Products Inc.,

Enter 625


Melters for adhesive applications are equipped with a temperature control system and either one or two variable-speed ac motors. The Vista(TM) temperature controls supply remote monitoring capabilities and self-diagnostics to identify fault conditions. The unit comes standard with a selection of hopper capacities, including 8.6, 14, and 32 kg.

Nordson Corp.,

Enter 626


Usable in many base materials, the one-piece WedgeBolt(TM) can be installed with an impact wrench, eliminating the need for hole spotting. The component is removable and can be reused. It offers a hex head for low clearance situations or when a finished appearance is needed, and also includes ratchet teeth on the underside of the head to help hold the anchor against the fixture. Diameters for the bolt are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch.

Powers Fasteners Inc.,

Enter 627

Stainless tools

A line of stainless-steel hand tools comprises screwdrivers, L- and T-pattern hex keys, and ball-end, L-pattern hex keys. All tools are made of Custom 465(R) stainless. They can be used in an autoclave and are resistant to surface oxidation in a steamy environment. Custom 465 is a premium-melted, martensitic, age-hardenable alloy. In the solution annealed and aged (H900) condition, this alloy is capable of about 260 ksi ultimate tensile strength.

Carpenter Technology Corp.,

Enter 628

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