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Free Webcast: Learn How Engineering Tools Work Together

Article-Free Webcast: Learn How Engineering Tools Work Together

For some time engineers have labored with stand-alone tools that help solve specific problems such as circuit design, testing, and modeling physical systems. New design tools, though, easily work together and exchange engineering information. So, you can model a physical system, simulate operations, write code, and then run hardware in the loop to perform tests.

To help you better understand what these tools can do, Design News magazine invites you to its free Webcast, “Design Tools Join Forces to Save Time and Money.” Presenters include:

Steve Miller, Technical Marketing Manager of Physical Modeling at The MathWorks


 Dr. Tom Lee, Chief Evangelist at Maplesoft 


Javier Gutierrez, Product Manager for National Instruments


You will learn how tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, LabVIEW, and MapleSim let you:

  • develop multi-domain system models
  • integrate design-specification documents with models
  • generate production code for processors, controllers, DSPs, and FPGAs
  • use symbolic computation to quickly and easily preprocess models
  • include CAD information in your models
  • map physical model diagrams directly to a system
  • quickly move to simulations and physical tests
  • integrate real equipment and devices into hardware-in-the loop tests

The presentation runs about 35 minutes and you can “tune in” at: Or use the longer URL below. You can ask questions that the presenters will answer individually by email.

If you have comments about this Webcast or have suggestions for other Webcast subjects, post a comment here. –Jon Titus

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