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Under the Skin of Google’s Pixel 8 Pro SmartphoneUnder the Skin of Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Smartphone

iFixit’s teardown of Google’s latest smartphone finds mixed repairability but good parts support.

Spencer Chin

November 9, 2023

Google's Pixel 8 Pro
Google's Pixel 8 Pro is one of the company's latest smartphones. Google

At a Glance

  • iFixit's teardown of Google's Pixel 8 smartphone finds middling repairability. Google scores in post-sales repair support.

Google has been updating its line up of smartphones. Earlier this year, Google unveiled its Pixel Fold foldable phone. More recently, the company unveiled its Google Pixel 8 Pro, which consumer electronics teardown site iFixit recently took apart.

The reviewer noted several interesting features, including a thermometer on the back and an ultra-bright display. Like other smartphones, Google’s Pixel 8 Pro presented its share of repairability challenges. For instance, getting to the battery involved a bit of work to access and remove two plastic tabs. The camera assembly, housing three cameras involved removing some press-fit connectors and screws and was reasonably straightforward.  

Compared to Apple’s smartphones, the Pixel 8 Pro did not fare better for repairability. But, working in favor of Google’s smartphones, was the company’s commitment to seven years of software and security updates, which are considerably better than the support Samsung and Apple provide. In addition, unlike Apple’s iPhones, its components are free of software locks. Google is also providing users with ready access to OEM parts.

You can view the video here.

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