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Inside Google’s Foldable PhoneInside Google’s Foldable Phone

This iFixit teardown looks under the cover of Google’s new Pixel Fold foldable phone, which adds competition to a market sector dominated by Samsung.

Spencer Chin

August 22, 2023

Until now, Samsung has had the foldable phone market pretty much all to itself. But in May, Google introduced its Pixel Fold foldable phone, the first foldable phone from a major manufacturer to compete with Samsung’s Z-fold.

The Pixel Fold, which lists for $1800, is based on Google’s Tensor G2 chip and provides 33 hours of talk time, with a 2092 x 1080 pixel display.

In this recent iFixit teardown, the reviewer concluded that the Fold phone was a credible first attempt at a foldable phone by Google. The phone’s repairability was not as good as conventional two-dimensional phones, but was better than other currently available foldable phones.

One plus was an accessible battery, which is important as the battery is likely one part that will need replacement at some point.

To learn more about the Pixel Fold, view the video below.





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