The Virtual and Augmented Future of Engineering

An expert panel from ESC Minneapolis discusses how VR and AR are impacting engineering.


What's more exciting for engineers, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR)?

VR and AR are undergoing an explosion in the consumer and enterprise spaces. What's all the excitement about? And what does it mean for engineers? At the 2018 Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Minneapolis, Design News senior editor Chris Wiltz spoke with a panel of experts and enthusiasts including the following: Dr. Aaron Bryden, senior vice president of software development and co-founder of augmented reality company Praxik; Lloyd Moore, senior embedded systems engineer at FS Studio; and Laura Hall, “The Virtual Reality Girl” on the latest and most popular use cases for VR and AR in enterprise.

What advantages are there to using AR/VR in engineering? How can AR enhance the impact of IoT devices? Do VR and AR need a killer app to truly win over engineers? How can social VR change the way we work? And, perhaps most importantly, which is better?

Watch below as the panel discusses all of these questions and more.

[Image source:  Lux Interaction on Unsplash]

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