Supplier Stories for the Week of March 23

Suppliers have released new tools for engineers who are working from home and new sensors for applications ranging from robotics to computer vision.
  • AutomationDirect Adds Prosense Motor Control Relays and Macromatic Intrinsically Safe Relays

    AutomationDirect's ProSense motor control relays perform specific protective functions for motors or motor components to ensure proper and more efficient operation. Phase monitor relays provide protection against premature equipment failure caused by faults on 3-phase systems. Alternating relays are used in special applications where the optimization of load usage is required by equalizing the run time of two loads. Pump seal failure relays monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps. Additionally, Macromatic intrinsically safe relays provide safe and reliable control of loads within hazardous locations.

    (Image source: AutomationDirect)

  • Dell Precision 7970 Workstations Are Optimized for AI Applications

    Dell's new Precision 7970 Workstation is designed to make it for data scientists and engineers to manage artificial intelligence projects. The workstation features a Xeon Scalable processor featuring up to 28 cores per processor. System memory is expandable up to 3TB of 2666MHz with select processors. A next-generation Radeon Pro and NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional graphics with support for up to 900W of graphics power, facilitate AI, virtual reality, and other high-demand applications. They also feature up to 136TB of total storage in front and rear FlexBays with storage expandable via SATA, SAS and PCIe M.2/U.2 as well as NVMe solid state drives featuring hot swap access.

    (Image source: Dell)

  • FactoryMation Now Carries New Compact PDBs from Mersen

    FactoryMation, a nationwide supplier of industrial control products, is now carrying Mersen’s compact finger-safe power distribution blocks (PDBs). These compact PDBs range from 85 to 250 Amps and are rated for 600VAC/DC. They feature a 100KA SCCR when used with the proper fuse. Recessed termination screws provide an IP20 finger-safe rating. Each model also features a translucent cover that enables inspection of wire connections on the PDB.

    (Image source: Mersen / FactoryMation)

  • igus Releases New Xirodur Material for Ball Transfer Units

    In testing, the new material from igus, tribo-polymer xirodur F182 ball, has proved its electrostatic conductivity and ability to ensure safe conveyance of products, according to the company. Users rely on ball tables for transducers in roller conveyors and the transport of sensitive goods. Igus says its ball transfer units can move loads up to 500N smoothly and in all directions without a lubricant. With this new material, igus says products can now be conveyed safely without the worry of static electricity discharge.

    (Image source: igus)

  • IKO International Introduces Nano Linear NT Series Linear Motor Tables

    IKO's Nano Linear NT Series  are structured with optical linear encoders with resolution as low as 0.01 µm and high positioning repeatability of ±0.1 µm. By combining a neodymium magnet and an optical linear scale into a moving table, IKO says the Nano Linear NT can achieve a high thrust force of up to 70N while achieving accurate positioning. The tables also feature a moving magnet and unique positioning of linear-scale sensors. IKO says this arrangement eliminates floating cables typically found in linear positioning tables, generating little dust and achieving a high level of cleanliness. This occurs due to the moving magnet system design in addition to the unique positioning of linear scale sensors on the bed. The smallest table in the series measures only 11 mm in sectional height, 38 mm in table width and 62 mm in overall length.

    (Image source: IKO International)

  • Librestream Is Offering a Free Augmented Reality Platform for Manufacturers

    Librestream, a global provider of remote collaboration and communication solutions, has announced a free program for enterprises facing business continuity and worker safety challenges related to COVID-19. The Onsight Augmented Reality Platform includes a broad range of augmented reality software capabilities including remote expert assistance, guided work instructions, and content capture and delivery, as well as optional inspection accessories. "The sudden onset of this pandemic means managers haven’t had time to prepare for the new reality we are facing with the novel coronavirus,” said John Bishop, President and CEO of Librestream said. “Many are scrambling to find safe, cost effective ways to ensure business continuity. Onsight is already helping hundreds of companies overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. With this free program, we can extend the same opportunity to any organization.” Librestream will provide its Onsight Connect remote expert package to qualified organizations who are new to this capability. The package includes pre-configured Onsight Connect remote expert software and materials to get up and running within 24 hours. To initiate the qualification, organizations must fill out their information online and agree to provide feedback.

    (Image source: Librestream)

  • Omron Releases New E2EW Series Proximity Sensors

    Omron's new E2EW series is designed to meet the needs of automakers looking for long-range, same-sensing-distance proximity sensors. Omrons says the metal face E2EW proximity sensors boast the longest sensing range in their category to date, and have been optimized to withstand the harsh conditions of typical automotive welding processes with a fluororesin coating that provides increased spatter resistance. According to the company, the E2EW Series has approximately twice the sensing range as previous models for ferrous metals and six times the range of as previous models for aluminum, making them ideal for mixed-metal production lines. As the sensing ranges for both metals are now equivalent, the sensors support a common design for position detection in such lines. They also reduce unexpected facility stoppages by minimizing false detection for unsteady objects.

    (Image source: Omron Automation)

  • Qualcomm Announces QCC514X Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth Audio SoCs

    Qualcomm Ihas announced its next generation of ultra-low-power Bluetooth Systems on a Chip (SoCs), for use in true wireless earbuds and hearables. Qualcomm says the QCC514X (premium tier) and Qualcomm® QCC304X (entry/mid-tier) SoCs are designed to enable improved robustness and connectivity, increased battery life and comfort. These new solutions now support Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology, which allows one earbud to be wirelessly connected to the phone via Bluetooth while the other bud mirrors the connected bud and is engineered to deliver a rapid swap under several scenarios.   For example, if the wearer removes the connected bud from their ear, the mirroring bud is will take over the connection to the phone, to avoid any interruptions.

    (Image source: Qualcomm)

  • Smalley Opens Web Store, Live Chat for OEM Customers

    Smalley, a manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs for OEM engineers worldwide, has launched the Smalley Web Store and Live Chat for US-based customers. Online ordering of wave springs, retaining rings, and constant section rings is now available on The Smalley Web Store is a simple and convenient way to order our parts so that we can better serve our customers," said Robert Thompson, Smalley's Director of Marketing. Smalley is also offering Live Chat customer support on their website during regular business hours.

    (Image source: Smalley)

  • STMicroelectronics Releases New Global Shutter Image Sensors for Next-Gen Computer Vision Applications

    STMicroelectronics has debuted two new high-speed image sensors for smart computer-vision applications that use “global shutter” – the preferred mode for capturing distortion-free images when the scene is moving or when near-infrared illumination is needed – the VD55G0 with 640 x 600 pixels and the VD56G3 with 1.5 Mpixels (1124 x 1364). Measuring 2.6 x 2.5 mm and 3.6 x 4.3 mm, respectively, ST says the VD55G0 and VD56G3 are the smallest sensors on the market in relation to resolution and have low pixel-to-pixel crosstalk at all wavelengths, specifically near-infrared, to ensure high contrast for superior image clarity. Embedded optical-flow processing in the VD56G3 calculates movement vectors, without the need for host computer processing. ST says these new sensors are ideally suited to a wide range of applications including augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and 3D scanning.

    (Image source: STMicroelectronics)

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