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Creative Motion Group's Hybrid Roller Screw

Creative Motion Group's Hybrid Roller Screw

The CMC Hybrid Roller Screw (HRS) is a low friction recirculating roller screw that converts the rotary motion of a motor into linear motion. The HRS incorporates a recirculating roller design; however, the roller positioning is actively controlled allowing the HRS to achieve rotational speeds that are comparable to traditional planetary roller screws. The standard HRS delivers 10-20 percent more load capacity and higher efficiencies than comparable planetary systems. The HRS can be integrated into any product where lead screw based systems are employed or can replace any mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic positioner. The simplicity of the HRS is exceptionally elegant. This simplicity allows for significant system replacement of current technology, enabling end users to take advantage of the higher load capacities in a similar or smaller envelope. Weight reduction is critical in applications such as aerospace. The increase in force density that the CMC HRS affords allows realistic replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic systems where environmental considerations are paramount. Further, the system is configurable to enable application specific solutions to be designed and applied rapidly, providing remarkable flexibility. Mechanically, the HRS couples the advantages of both planetary and recirculating roller screw devices into a single element. Synchronization gearing is eliminated in the HRS, thus, improving overall system efficiency compared with traditional planetary systems. The rollers maintain active positioning within the nut body enabling exceptional rotational speed. Further, the components within the CMC system are conventionally machined, affording an extraordinary value in consideration of total cost of ownership.

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