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Engineerings heroes

Engineerings heroes

Every occupation has its heroes. In this special Awards Issue, we honor the heroic professionals who are leading engineering today, solving technical problems and developing breakthroughs that improve our quality of life.

First among them: Charles R. Munnerlyn, voted by you the 14 th Design News Engineer of the Year. He married optics and lasers in a revolutionary machine that has dramatically improved the eyesight of millions. He designed and built the first eximer laser system for vision correction, and founded the largest manufacturer of laser-based vision-correction systems (LVC). Last year alone, ophthalmologists performed some 1.4 million LVC procedures.

But there are other heroes as well, including Special Achievement Award winner Alex A. McCool, who has led design of the propulsion systems for every flight of NASA's Shuttle; the engineers at John Deere, our Quality Award recipients, who go to great lengths to build reliability into their machinery; and the winners of our Excellence in Design contest, all of whom you can read about here.

Here's the lineup:

Engineer of the Year. Charles R. Munnerlyn, a visionary for better vision. He will designate an engineering school to receive a $25,000 grant from the Torrington Co. Page 70.

Special Achievement. NASA's rocket man, Alex A. McCool. He will designate an engineering school to receive a $20,000 grant from NTN Bearing Corp. of America. Page 86.

Engineering Quality. The engineering team at John Deere, which uses design to sow the seeds of quality. It will designate an engineering school to receive a $20,000 grant from Schneeberger Inc. Page 96.

The Best Product of the Year. Readers give the nod to Green, Tweed & Co.'s Orthek(TM)medical composites. Page 104.

Global Innovation Award. Compaq Computer wins this award, funded by Omron Electronics Inc., for its AlphaServer DS10L. The engineering team receives $5,000 and designates an engineering school to receive a $15,000 grant. Page 106.

College Design. Engineering students at the University of Evansville win the first ANSYS student design award for their development of a tricycle for the disabled. The team wins $10,000, and their school gets a $10,000 grant, courtesy of ANSYS. Page 113.

Excellence in design. The grand prize winners are Jeff Doddroe, Ohio Willow Wood; David Allen, Engineered Machined Products; and Jeff Bertrand, Medtronic PS Medical. MSC.Software will give each a $6,000 technology award. Page 116.

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