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April 7, 2003

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Power Transmission Products

Slippery but cool

Groschopp Parallel Shaft Gear Motors. Two new models feature a modular gearhead reducer appropriate for automation and conveyor applications. "The two subtle but important enhancements in this new product line are larger face-width gears for greater torque for size, and a gear oil reservoir rather than grease for improved heat dissipation," says Keith Jording, sales manager. The shafts come standard with a 5/8-inch output shaft, nine ratios in four stages, and a design that will give continuous duty torque of up to 220 inch-lbs. Prototypes and OEM special application samples of the new parallel shaft gear motors are available. (www.groschopp.com) Enter 582

Built tough

Leeson All Stainless Steel Gear+Motor(TM). This combination package is appropriate for use in high-humidity, abrasive or corrosive environments such as chemical processing. "Some suppliers offer stainless steel reducers and others offer stainless steel motors," says Mark Baake, gear product manager. "Leeson offers the complete stainless package." The use of stainless steel is important in harsh environments as solvents and chemicals will often destroy typical cast iron reducers and rolled steel frame motors. All exterior metallic components of the company's package are stainless steel. All-Stainless Steel Gear+Motor(TM) combinations are available in single-phase ratings through 11/2 hp (stainless frame motor), three-phase through 5 hp, and permanent magnet dc through 1.50 hp (stainless frame motor). (www.leeson.com) Enter 583

High torque, long life

Pittman LO-COG(R)Series 6000. These 22-mm brush-commutated dc gear motors are designed for increased output torque over traditional gear motors of the same size, with a quiet operation, and long life. Pittman's secret is really no secret at all, says Ken Wickham, manager, Brush Commutated Products. "Our armature is made from iron core wound with copper wire. Such a configuration offers more torque than gear motors with ironless cores." The Series 6000 offers planetary gearheads and motor availability in three motor lengths: 1.256, 1.556 and 1.901 inches, with continuous torques up to 1Nm. The LO-COG gear motors are particularly geared for data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, automation, commercial aviation, and hobby applications. Gear motor armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even at low speeds. Two-pole permanent magnet stators are constructed of ceramic magnets enclosed in heavy-gauge steel return rings. And diamond-turned commutators ensure long brush life. (www.pittmannet.com) Enter 584

Integrated Gear Motor and Drive

Danfoss Bauer BK Series. This compact bevel-gear-motor line with integrated FCD300 drive offers a high performance frequency drive, purpose built motor, and a robust gearbox for an 80-90% efficiency range with low backlash. "As an integrated product, it allows for a wide range of options, reducing both mechanical and electrical installation costs," says Steve Blazek, operations manager. Mounting options include multiple flange sizes, face mounting, foot mounting, and base mounting. Shaft options include hollow shaft mounting down to the smallest sizes. In addition, features such as external brakes and "six screw plug-and-play" drive replacement target savings in operation and maintenance. "The brakes are external to the motor which allows for service without disassembly of the motor," says Blazek. IP65 dust hose-down protection is standard. The units are suitable for a wide range of material handling, manufacturing, and food and beverage applications. (www.namc.danfoss.com) Enter 585

Hollow shaft

Bison Gear & Engineering 750 Hollow Shaft Right Angle Gear Motors. There may be hollow shaft gear motors on the market, but not at these sizes. These come with shaft options of .75 inch hollow, along with double and single extension .75-, 5/8-, and .50-inch diameter shafts with keys. Matt Hanson, VP sales says, "The hollow shaft design allows our customers to optimize mountings-saving on assembly labor and reducing the number of component parts." Three ac and four dc motor options span a horsepower range from 1/8 to .25 hp. Gear ratios range from 5:1 to 60:1. The motors run at 1,800 rpm for low noise and low temperature rise. (www.bison.com) Enter 586

Small but mighty

Alpha gear drives TPM AC Servo Actuator. Approximately 62% shorter-and a good deal lighter than a traditional motor gearhead combination having comparable power-makes this servo appropriate for applications where mounting space is limited. The TPM can often replace a right-angle servomotor/geardrive combination where the motor itself is part of the moving load, such as in robotics, gantries, optical media production, semiconductor manufacturing, or machine tools. To get the small size, "We integrated the pinion directly into the motor shaft, which eliminated the need for additional coupling, clamping hubs, and input bearings," says Bob Brennan, VP engineering. Mounting the application load on a standard flange eliminates additional output bearings. The TPM boasts a high degree of stiffness with an accuracy of &1 arc minute of backlash. It is available in a variety of sizes and ratios (21:1 up to 220:1) with continuous torques from 15 to 1,570 Nm; peak torques from 40-2,600 Nm. (www.alphagear.com ) Enter 587

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