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November 18, 2002

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Power Transmission

Torque-resistant bushings

Torque-resistant linear bearings, designed for special applications, can be installed without a parallel second shaft. Use these bearings for applications requiring a shaft guideway to transmit linear motion and torque while the bushings remain torsionally stiff, such as one-armed swivel grippers and robots. They are available in rotationally sleeved or flanged designs, with solid or tubular shafts that accommodate cables or vacuum hoses. Bushings transmit torque levels from 1 N-m to 3,180 N-m and are available in 11 sizes. Bosch Rexroth Co., www.boschrexroth-us.com. Enter 618

High torque servo

SLM Series brushless servo motors have a compact design and improved torque performance due to T-LAM(TM) segmented motor stator design-each segment contains individual phase wiring. According to the maker, this motor's compact design is available in 60, 90 and 115 mm with continuous torque ratings 7.6 to 176 inch-lbs. Stainless steel shaft, UL rating, IP65 sealing and MS connectors are standard. Exlar Corp., www.exlar.com. Enter 619

AC motor starters

This line of low voltage soft starters for ac motors ranges from the digital RVS-DN to the small Sol Start. Magnatek (Menomonee Falls, Wis.), and Solcon Industries (Israel), will jointly market the starters under the Magnatek name. MagneTek, www.magnetek.com. Enter 620

Remote I/O adapter

An Allen Bradley(R) remote I/O communication adapter is available for the AB Compact I/O(TM). Features include automatic mapping of I/O module data; support for up to 30 modules in a system; separate LED indicators; and processor lockout. These units have user configurable baud rate and starting rack and quarter. Woodhead Connectivity, www.connector.com. Enter 621

Spherical bearings

DuraLube(TM) self-lubricating spherical plain bearings feature grease-free operation. According to the manufacturer, they offer longer life than other bearings under medium and light loads in agricultural, material handling, construction, and hydraulic cylinder applications. Bearings use a PTFE liner system that reduces friction, maintenance costs, and attraction to dirt. RBC Bearings, www.rbcbearings.com. Enter 622

Round shaft bearings

Linear ball bearings for round shafts provide high load capacity and self-aligning capability. According to the manufacturer, MAX3 bearings are the first to have self-aligning double-row recirculating ball segments that allow larger recirculating balls. The entire working track self-aligns for superior operation. Features include integrated floating double-lip seal and grease reservoir. INA USA Corp., www.ina.com/us. Enter 623

Dual input controller

The WDP Series dual input pH/ORP controller accepts two electrode signals in any combination of pH and ORP. Units have four control outputs for on/off control relays or pulse proportional outputs to directly drive electronic metering pumps. Each control output can be assigned to either electrode. One or two optional isolated 4-20 mA outputs are available. Walchem Corp., www.walchem.com. Enter 624

Shaft connections

ETP keyless shaft connectors position and lock pulleys, sprockets, and gears on machines and prevent system failure due to loose keyways and tapers. Shaft connectors eliminate the need for keyways and tapped holes, and feature double-walled steel sleeves. They slide onto shafts and lock most shaft-mounted motion control components in place. Zero-Max, www.zero-max.com. Enter 625

Wireless motion control

Remote-controlled, wireless motion control system allows seamless set changes for television and stage productions. The system, used for compact floor trucks and lifting winches, eliminates all cable connections between the control console and mobile unit. These low-height (max. 185 mm) units provide choreographed omni-directional travel or run on tracks. Totally integrated, each unit has drive wheels, ac servomotor, and 120V dc battery. Bayside Motion Group, www.baysidemotion.com. Enter 626

Gearheads and actuators

PS Series flange output and shaft output gearheads and actuators are designed for accurate positioning and precise motion control. The series features zero backlash and high torque gearing and is available with a wide range of input options. Ratio range is 50-160:1 with output speeds up to 90 rpm. Positional accuracy is reportedly less than 1 arc min. All units offer flexible integration, so they can be used with most servo or stepper motors. Harmonic Drive Technologies, www.harmonic-drive.com. Enter 627

Custom guides

Dolphin Guide self-lubricating linear slides can be customized for specific needs including ultra-short stroke, self-centering, and modified mounts. Motors, pneumatics, and hydraulics can be adapted to the guides, which also accept a variety of mechanisms. The guide is a single-piece aluminum extrusion coated with hard (RC70) ceramic. The carriage is also one piece. The result is a corrosion-resistant, completely supported slide that reportedly offers maintenance-free operation. It is available in inch and metric sizes. Pacific Bearing, www.pacific-bearing.com. Enter 628

Extreme slides

A line of EasyLinear slides designed for extreme environmental conditions are available in electroless nickel-plated aluminum or stainless steel. Available in diameters to 1 inch, all-stainless units feature 303 stainless pillow blocks, roundway shaft, rail supports, and motor couplings. Ball screws are 404 stainless and lead screws are 303. Both slide versions use Teflon(TM) composite linear bearings in standard, high load, high wear, and food grade ratings. Applications include food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Leidemaul Inc., www.leidemaul.com. Enter 629

Vertical alignment

The ANT-4V high-precision vertical lift stage is a compact, rigid vertical alignment device that features high-speed, high resolution positioning with 200 nm accuracy. Non-contact direct drive enables the positioner to work continuously with no maintenance for mass production of precision devices, reportedly with more reliability than screw or piezo-based vertical stages. Aerotech Inc., www.aerotechinc.com. Enter 630

Prediction software

The xiglide software system allows design engineers to predict the life and wear of the company's bearings. According to the manufacturer, the system employs data from thousands of tests to accurately predict results for all the company's products. Xiglide operates using mandatory data fields for load, type of motion, speed, temperature, mating surface, and cycle time. The process saves time, and covers a wide range of bearing types and 13 polymer materials. IGUS Inc., www.igus.com. Enter 631

Optical encoder

Absolute optical encoder products provide position information without requiring shaft movement in applications like machine tools, wafer transfer machines, and automotive robots. The AEAS-7 Series generates a unique binary code for each shaft position, and is available with binary or gray code output, and hollow or solid shafts. Units have 50-mm diameters, sealed bearings, and dust-tight IP65 rating. Agilent Technologies Inc., www.agilent.com. Enter 632

Narrow drives

The ACS 800 is reportedly the narrowest drive in the industry, from a 6.5-inch low-hp drive to a 600-hp model at 13.78-inches. This DriveIT low-voltage product group is designed for use in compact applications using 230 to 690V supplies. Open-loop, direct torque control technology eliminates the need for encoders. Units include start-up assistant, built-in adaptive programming, and optional Window(TM)-based PC tool. ABB Drives & Power Products, www.abb.com/motors&drives. Enter 633

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