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October 1, 2001

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Power Transmission


Hollow-shaft servomotor line, using ServoDisc technology, is comprised of dc brushless pancake-type axial air gap motors. The ServoDisc system reportedly enables high acceleration, zero cogging, a thin and flat profile, and long service life. The hollow-shaft feature provides the design engineer a clear path through the motor's center to pass tubing, wiring, laser beams, or mechanical objects.

PMI, www.danahermcg.com.

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DryLin S(R) inch-sized aluminum shafting and aluminum shafting for use with DryLin(R) R linear bearings and iglide(R) plain bearings offer high levels of corrosion and wear resistance as well as an overall lighter product. DryLin S aluminum shafting has a lower coefficient of friction and is currently available in nine diameters ranging from .50 to 2 inches.

igus Inc., www.igus.com.

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The RR-76 rotary actuator is for industrial environments, incorporating a bearing-supported flange capable of payloads up to 200 lbs. The RR-76 features a thin profile said to be suited for compact workspaces. The product can be used in pneumatic or hydraulic applications.

Robohand, www.robohand.com.

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Servo amplifier

The DEC 50/5 is a digital servo amplifier designed for velocity, torque, or open-loop control of brushless motors. PWM at 39 kHz insures compatibility with most motors. Designed for brushless motors equipped with Hall effect sensors, the DEC 50/5 is capable of driving two-pole motors 120,000 rpm. Requiring a supply voltage of 10 to 50V dc, the servo amplifier can deliver 95% of the supply voltage to the motor at 5A continuous current.

Maxon Precision Motors, www.mpm.maxonmotor.com.

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Pressure washer motors

These 3- and 5-hp single-phase pressure washer motors come in both open drip-proof and totally enclosed fan-cooled designs, with rigid base or NEMA C face with base mountings. All pressure washer motors feature high-efficiency reduced-amperage designs and manual-reset overloads to protect against automatic restarts.

Leeson Electric Corp., www.leeson.com.

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Timing belt drive

Designed for single-axis positioning and sequence control procedures including PLC-controlled set-ups, the new AZ-1010 timing belt drive features a compact design that makes the unit suited for restricted space installations. The AZ-1010's narrow profile is possible because the load carriage does not overhang the carrier section, but is the same width. Additionally, the belt is recessed below the top surface of the carrier section, which helps protect the belt.

Amacoil Inc., www.amacoil.com.

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Slave device engine

A SERCOS(TM) interface Slave Device Engine, the SSE-100, acts as an accessory to the Emerald EMC-2000(TM) motion controller. It is a general-purpose SERCOS interface device with plug-in options. The device automatically configures the SERCOS interface functionality by detecting the type of plug-in option installed.

Industrial Indexing Systems www.iis-servo.com.

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Shaft collars

Clamp-type shaft collars feature a solid flat and square working face that can be modified to function as a component mounting collar, seal, or hardened thrust-bearing race. The Accu-Clamp(TM) shaft collar combines a non-marring clamping section with a solid working face that is flat and square within 0.001 inch TIR, and can be machined or hardened. Designed to provide a basic platform that can be faced, turned, drilled, and tapped, the device can be provided with a keyway or an O-ring groove, and threaded to create a mounting surface for sprockets, pulleys, and other components.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp., www.staffordmfg.com.

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Patented NEMA gearheads are energy-efficient alternatives to conventional "cut gear" speed reducers. Each unit uses a "composite gear" (precision roller chain mounted on a disc to form a pin gear) in cycloidal, differential, and planetary design configurations. Operational features include compact aluminum cases, pin gear construction that permits force transmission in either direction, and gearhead reductions ranging from 3:1 to 595:1.

Gearing Solutions, www.gearingsolutions.com.

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Zero-backlash bellows and torque-limiting safety couplings are for digital servo drives, spindles, and tools op-erating at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. The outside conical hubs automatically quick-release when disassembling, resulting in more accurate manufacturing tolerances, improved bearing wear, and reduced downtime. Release set screws are also available.

Rimtec Corp., www.rimteccorporation.com.

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SCF Series Sub Micro Drives introduces a set-point control option. For process control applications where regulation of a process variable to a set point is important, the built-in PI regulator reportedly saves cost, space, and set-up time versus using a stand-alone controller to regulate the drive. Applications include pumps, fans, material feed conveyors, and rewind stands.

AC Technology Corp., www.actechdrives.com.

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The AST650 series of self-lubricating bushings, manufactured from cast bronze-based metal, supplies low friction, strong resistance to wear, and high load capacities. The finished radial holes are embedded with a solid lubricant covering up to 30% of the working surface. During operation, this lubricant automatically deposits a film onto the rotating surface of the shaft. This reportedly makes the bushings suitable for applications with extreme temperatures and high pressure.

AST Bearings, www.astbrgs.com.

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Stepper motors

20M020D permanent-magnet stepper motors weigh 23.5g, come in both bipolar and unipolar winding configurations, and measure only 20 x 16.4 mm. The bipolar unit produces 7.1 mNm pullout torque at 200 pps, when driven with a 36V dc chopper drive at 0.25 amp/phase. Other specifications include 1.25W input power per winding and ball bearings available for special application requirements.

Thomson Airpax Mechatronics, www.thomsonindustries.com.

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Gear reducers

The RV-E is a precision, heavy-duty gear reducer that offers high-ratio gear reduction in a compact design. It supplies high torsional rigidity and overload torque capacity at 500% of rated torque. The rated torque range is 637 to 60,710 inch-lbs with a peak torque range of 2,600 to 303,555 inch-lbs and ratios starting at 31:1. Total lost motion from all sources is limited to a maximum of only one arc minute.

Harmonic Drive Technologies, www.harmonic-drive.com.

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